September 19, 2012

Rusty Nickles Rat Clasicks

Just so yall know, I'm not caught up on wrestling yet. I'm waiting for the roomies to wake up so i can watch it with them. It's 1 PM and i'm going nuts waiting. So to kill time i thought i would dig up a Rat Clasick for you. Now, this one isn't so bad as the junkyard "hardcore" wcw match i gave you last time. This one is actually cool. But i still think it fits under the Rat Clasick name.

1991 WWF Royal Rumble Report
(I cant embed it for some reason, so here is the link)

I remember watching these things as a kid and i absolutely loved them. I loved them even more than watching the actual wrestling shows. They were so exciting, they hyped up matches and made them feel so huge. I was a total sucker for this stuff. And they also showed a lot of wrestlers in a short period of time. I still get excited when they go thru the list of participants. Great stuff. Clasick, but great.


  1. Alright, I'm game for this 'commenting on everything' if you are. This video was a pretty fun blast from the past. Earthquakes promo was ridiculous, was he jogging in place?

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  2. Earthquake always jogged in place as to make it seem like the world was moving. It was like Blair Witch Project twenty years before!