September 12, 2012

Rusty Report: thoughts from the dinner table

Well gang, No podcast from me today. I just pulled out my recorder and it got no juice. And i dont have any AAA batteries anywhere in this big ol house. So i guess all you get is a little typing.

I am super behind on Smackdown. I never watch it anymore. Kinda sad. But i have been so busy that i never get around to downloading it. Plus with the 3 hour raw i see almost everyone every week anyway. ALSO i dont give a shit about RKO, Shaemus or ADR. So that is kinda sad too.

NXT is still awesome. I love the feel of the show.It's like a old territory or something. They should light it badly and let people smoke. Then it would be like the good old days. 

I'm glad that Seth Rollins won the belt. I like him a lot even tho his intro dance thing is stupid. And i know what he is doing, it's a punk rock dance, I know what it is and i still think it's dumb. I cant imagine what people must think if they don't know what it is. 

I missed half of RAW last monday. When i got home from practise i looked at facebook and saw a bunch of posts about Lawler. SO i watched the show from the half way point to see how it happened. It was really scary and sad. I never have had a problem with lawler and consider myself a fan. The guy is wrestling and a total legend. I though Cole did a great job with trying to keep the match going while his friend was basically dying beside him. What a horrible situation. It's actually a good thing that it happened on tv. They have medics right beside him. If it was before or after the show he probably would have died.

They better make Cole a face after this. His real emotion turned a lot of people on his side.

So you know i absolutely am not glad that Lawler had a heart attack. But you also know i love watching wrestling without commentary. Where everyone else in the world was creeped out by the silent matches, i loved it. I love hearing the stadium and the wrestlers move. It feels like you are really there. So other than the horrible news and stuff, i liked the lack of commentary.

CM Punk has been great as a heel so far.  His other than the way he was with jeff hardy, his heal persona was less realistic. This one is probably killing the Cena fans. He is such a slimy cocky jerk. It's great. PLEASEEEEEE don't take the belt off him!!!!

I'm kinda offended at kane and DBD being the #1 contenders for the tag belts. What a way to squash the PTP's. I love team friendship or whatever they are called but come on, if anyone can be in a tag match once and be considered a tag team why not make Cena and Orton a team and they can be champs forever. Stupid and lame.

I finally watched the web show Are You Serious this week and i loved it. I loved it so much i watched all 30 in a few days. It's a great show, just not long enough.

Well yall, that's it. I don't think i'm going to do the Rusty Report anymore, i have been meaning to change things up for a while. by this sunday i should have something new for you. 

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