July 08, 2012

Rusty Nickles presents SCW Mat Classics

Last weeks visit by Marshal really helped pull me out of my wrestling slump. I feel like i can watch it with new eyes. For about a month wrestling felt like homework. But after the 13 hour marathon i am BORN AGAIN!!!

And here is the proof. Inspired by the preachings of Marshal and the Poncho Man i decided to download every RAW from 1996 and start watchin'. And holy cow, I have loved it so far. You can just tell that it's a really interesting time in wrestling. The old wave is slowly creeping out while the new wave is crashing in. In one of the first episodes of the year we meet Steve Austin!!! It's just a great time for wrestling and I'm having a lot of fun plowing thru these episodes.

The following match was shown, abridged, on RAW. It's from the last In Your House PPV from 1995. I really like the way that Bret Hart is selling everything. He gets little spurts of energy and you think he is going to have a big comeback but right away the Bulldog gets the upper hand. You would never see that happen now. Super Cena would never sell like this.

So Enjoy this match and let me know what ya think.



1 comment:

  1. Goddam I love watching Bret Hart. Watching his sister in split-screen not so much. That was a good match though.
    I realized after seeing this that I misspoke when I told you that I'd watched the 1996 Raws, I actually watched 1997 thru mid-1998. This makes me want to go back and watch the 96 year also, especially cuz it was just an hour show then! Seems so digestible compared to today's 6-hour-per-week glut of programming.
    It was weird seeing a WWE PPV in an arena that small. The crowd wasn't even that pumped, especially compared to what it would be like a year later.