July 16, 2012

OOOOOooooh YEEEEaaaaaahhh Poncho Man's Money In The Bank Thoughts

 Let’s see….I didn’t take notes but I think I can remember this. This show was good but predictable. After every match I said “that what I thought would happen.”

Ziggles wins. That was a great match. Vicki getting in there was awesome. That spear on Cody Rhodes was brutal. Big bumps all over. Tyson Kidd’s sunset power bomb from the ladder that Ziggles looked like he messed up was awesome too. They need to fire Albert/Tensai. His shit was fucking sloppy. He looked like he was legit trying to hurt somebody.

The Miz returns. Awesome?

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus. Uh….has any one else noticed how Sheamus is just becoming a weird looking Triple H. The whole match felt like a Triple H match. Oddly….it wasn’t bad. I think, like Triple H, get Sheamus with a really good technical guy and they can pull something off. Why the hell did Del Rio ever wear a mask at anytime in his career. He’s handsome. Rick Martel handsome. He’s going to get all the Girls. Girls in Cars.

Prime Time Players vs. The Puerto Ricans Who Don’t Spit In The Face Of Those Who Don’t Want To Be Cool. Whatever. I guess it’s nice to have Tag Teams with managers and stuff. I just don’t care yet. Give me The Kings Of Wrestling or Worlds’ Greatest Tag Team or Demolition. Yes I’d rather see a dead guy and an old guy than the Prime Time Players. Because they look cool.

Punk vs. DBD. That was incredible. Simply incredible. Match of the year (and I’d just watched Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin earlier in the day). No DQ made this so much different than the last time they faced. AJ’s involvement was great. They keep her in play. No resolution. We’re gonna get 4 PPVs out of this feud. Man…I was stoked.

The Ryback vs. some slightly more well known losers. I never realized he was T.Reks. The Ryback continues to have the same match over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. But hey…..let’s keep Rusty happy and have them “Feed Me More.”

The ladies have a boring match. YAY. They get rid of Kharma because she lied about having the baby and then said she was emotionally distraught after actually losing it. At least that’s what the sheets say. What was the 3 appearances for a year and a half of work? At least The Queen is coming soon.

Ummmmm…..So Cena wins. Who would have thunk? I was really hoping that it was a botch when he ripped it off the thing and they just went with it. Or maybe Cena secretly planned to rip it off so he’d have to get the title back. Or maybe he’ll be the first person to lose when cashing it in. I think all of those are pipe dreams. What struck me during this match is that Jericho has entered the 2002-2010 Shawn Michaels portion of his career. He fantastic worker that is there just to help get young guys over. Jericho’s match with Sheamus the other day might have been my favorite since he’s been back (and he face Punk a bunch….which shows how I felt their styles jelled). Anyways….Think Cena beats Punk on The 1000th Raw? HMMM HMMM HMMM???!?!

Some great moments here. We’ve really moved back into the 80s I feel. Punk just feels like Macho Man waiting for Hulk Hogan (Cena) to come and get him. DBD is Steamboat!? Del Rio is the Million Dollar Man? Sandow is the Genius? Ziggles is Mr. Perfect? I feel like I could go all night. Anyways…..I’m going to go find out what happened on Raw now. Peace Out From The Poncho Man.

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  1. Fair warning: I'm going to disagree with you a little when I make a fake podcast tomorrow. I've still got a hard-on for Richards-Elgin, that didn't even get close to being bumped from the top of my 2012 list last night.
    One thing we can shake hands and have a beer over: the fact that Alberto Del Rio is a handsome man who must must must get aaalllll the ladies.
    Enjoy Raw, I thought it fixed a lot of the problems that the ppv left behind. Damn good episode, by today's standards anyway.