July 29, 2012

mms 1000

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  1. I didn't do a post because I ended up just calling Rusty on the phone and discussing. Here is the the main thing I keep thinking. I don't think this was a heel turn. I think this was Punk solidifying himself as the Anti-Cena. Cena is basically a heel to half the crowd, and a uber-face to the other half. Punk is mostly face right now, but I doubt the half of the crowd that hates John Cena are going to start hating Punk all of the sudden just because he beat up The Rock.

    It's almost like a best of both worlds idea. Like how fucking awesome he was when he was "in play" when he was coming over from ECW to Raw and winning the title and what not. He wen't full on heel and we go the fucking Straight Edge Society (which I kinda thought sucked). I actually disagree that he's better as a heel. He's better as a late 90s Triple H or WCW/WWE Chris Jericho. A heel that you love because he's so damn entertaining and does cool fun stuff.