July 23, 2012

Rusty Nickles 316's pre RAW 1000 thoughts

Well here we are. Mere hours from the historic 1000th episode of RAW. I'm super excited. People are coming over to watch, it's going to be 3 hours long and it has to have some good stuff. It has to, right? I mean, this thing has more hype behind it than most of the ppv's. But the WWE has a bad history of having themed episodes that never further stories or deliver more than fluff. I'm a little worried about that happening tonight.

Because of spoilers i cant go look up what was advertised for tonight. So i'll have to go off the top of my head. here is what i'm looking forward to or dreading in tonight's historic RAW.

DX : I will only care about the DX reunion if Road Dogg and Billy Gunn show up. Otherwise I don't really care about the HHH and HBK DX. Sometimes i wonder if the WWE fans know that businessman HHH and DX HHH are the same guy. I expect 10 minutes of theme song and posing and then a goofy promo where HHH/HBK entertain each other......

BROCK LESNER :....... UNLESS Brock comes out and breaks up the DX back patting. I am super excited to see Lesner and Paul E. I never thought i would say that but Brock is a monster and a welcome addition to the WWE. I like how he is never on. It's like  the old territories where a heel would only be in town for the summer. I can't wait to see what he does and i cant wait to hear Paul E talk.

THE WEDDING: This has to be good. You can't go wrong with a ruined wedding. I'm really excited to see just what ruins it.

THE ROCK: He said he is gunning for the belt one last time. I really hope that doesn't mean Cena will will beat Punk and hold the belt till Mania.GAG GAG GAG GAG GAG

CENA: Like i said above. What if he wins. Which bridge will you jump off of if he does. It will be exciting to see what happens in his match with Punk tho, win or lose.

PUNK: I heard rumblings over a punk heel turn. Wouldn't that be the best thing ever. What if it happens tonight. Better find a bridge that's easy to clime back up just in case this happens.

ZIGGLER: I don't have any predictions for him Just want him on the show kickin ass.

I'm sure we will see some more superstars. And I'm very excited for that.  I really hope they build the next six months off this one show. But keeping in mind WWE's track record, I'm not getting my hopes up.


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