April 17, 2012

Rusty Report Newsletter RAW

I was really excited for this weeks raw. I had friends coming over and bought a frozen pizza. But the longer i watched the show the more i realized that it was not going to be the action packed episode i was looking for. It was kinda lame and it made me kinda bummed. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun, but i was looking for more. Oh well, maybe next week, I think it's the draft next Monday so hopefully it will create some drama. Anywayzz, let us get to RAWWWWWW

I liked this match. Punk and Henry work well together. Punk can bring something out in Henry that others can't. He makes Henry look strong, not slow. So the match was cool. What wasn't cool was the stupid back and forth with Punk and Jericho. The beer and whiskey attacks were kinda cheesy, but they were also kinda brutal and psycho. So i feel they had effect. This whole verbal thing just looks like a guy making up a bunch of lies and looking like a gossiping teen.

When this batch was announced i realised that this episode was going to be lame. I love Santino but i don't want to see him often. And what the hell is with Otunga??!! The guy looks like he only eats roids and protein shakes. I don't hate him but he is getting a big push and it kinda bothers me. I like him as a Stooge, not a real wrestler. So i didn't care about this match, moving on...

This was the coolest part of the show. I HATED Brock Lesner before he came back. I thought he was a huge gross monster and i don't like big gross monsters. He also is a MMA guy and i hate MMA. But now that he is back i love him. This is exactly what cena needs. Someone he could lose to. Cena has been built up as a god and has had no foes for way too long. Remember the capital punishment PPV where the main event was Cena vs R truth? What a bunch of crap. I think they should book him like they used to with Hogan or Undertaker, bring in a new guy to make it look like he can lose. Or bring in a new guy and make him lose. Anything but having him face another Miz at Mania. Dear god!! So anyway, i really like Lesner now. I cant wait to see what happenes with him.

I feel sorry for kane. He never has anything cool to do. And Ryder worked so hard to get over and once he did they pulled him off tv and crushed everything. Now Ryder is a mid card goofball with nothing to do. I didn't give a shit about this match. I will say that the rematch with Kane and RKO after mania was better than the mania match. I really liked it.

DBD is my favorite thing going in the wwe. He is funny and awesome. I loved his YES YES YES YES backstage promo in Kofi's face. The match was cool too. Kofi is a boring good guy but i like how he wrestles. Other than the first punk/wsm match this was the only other good part of raw.

Ziggler is going to be lost forever. Something is just not clicking with him and i worry he will be a jobber to the mid card forever. Take this stupid match for instance. gag.

I want to call tonight the death of the tag team division. It bums me out and i don't want to think about it.

It's kinda sad but i don't think that Lord Tensai will ever get over in the WWE. He is really old school but not funny at all. I just don't see anyone giving a shit about him. Speaking of. I didn't give a shit about this match either. What a lame way to end RAW.

But let us not end this RR newsletter on a sad note. I want to admit( even tho he wasn't on raw tonight for no good reason) I love Rybeck. He is another gross animal and he is awesomely stupid. I want more gross animals in the WWE to make the smaller guys look tough. So rybeck is cool with me. He also does that arm thing that the bad guy in Bloodsport does when he wins matches.

Well that's it for me. I read on the Botchamania page that the TNALockdownPPV sucks. I'm excited to hear what you have to say about it. And also, welcome to the page Sandy Ravage. I love having updates on here. I;m so lazy about it myself but i do check it all the time. Maybe ill put a Mat Classic up today.

Till next time, stay DASHING!!!

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