April 20, 2012

Raw timemachine #2 - 1.18.1993

Episode 2 1.18.1993
More action, more drama, who writes this shit?! It's time for MONDAY NIGHT RAWWWWW!!!

Let us get this show started right, by making a uber dated reference. Lame-o commentator Rob Bartlet holds up a picture of Bobby Heenan and rips it in half. "fight the real enemy" he says, just like SineadO'connor did about a year earlier. Stupid!!! Suddenly the Macho Man is attacked from behind from a real real enemy, The Repo Man!! Repo jumps and giggles like the Riddler and steals Macho's neon colored cowboy hat. Macho Man, beat up and balding, holds his arm in pain. His hat! The noive!
Cue the theme.

Our first match of this night is Mr Perfect vs The Red Rooster. Only it's not the Red Rooster, it's Terry Taylor. I liked him better with the short red mohawk. Not a bad match but not the most exciting. So far i like how RAW puts upper card guys against midcarders and they actually have a match. This must have blown people away after years of jobbers. Mr. Perfect gets the 1 2 3.

Next up, the Hitman comes out to the ring and has a interview with Vince. He comments on how Razor Ramon said a bunch of shit about his family and kicked Owens ass. Kinda the usual face promo. But i don't care, Bret Hart rules and i can't wait for this match. Ill be reviewing these episodes of RAW and the PPV's as well. Really looking forward to that match.

How do you follow up a Hitman Hart promo? Why not with a Marty Janetty match? I actually think that Janetty gets a really bad rap. It's sad. He was a good wrestler, just overshadowed by HBK. But this match doesn't do him any favors. He is up against Glen Ruth, a jobber who ended up as one of the headbangers. The amazing thing about this match is just how 80's the guys look. But it's 1993! I was only 11 so i had no idea what was going on. You were right in the middle of grunge and still everyone looked like they were from poison, with mullets that they started growing in 1986.

The dramatic feud between Kona Crush and Doink rages on. We are treated to a clip from Superstars where Doink attacks Crush with a fake arm. Kooky!

Speaking of great feuds, we are treated to more Macho vs Repo. I like this story. It's so old school Unfortunately it's 1993 and i can see why the WWF would have issues with ratings a little later on. But for entertainment purposes in 2012 i love it. Repo is interviewed by Sean Mooney and gives Macho a bunch of shit about his hat. Macho is really mad about his hat and wants it back. The Royal Rumble is on the way and Macho threatens to kicks Repo's ass. Great stuff. Shakespeare couldn't have done better.

Next up, tonight's main event. Ric Flair vs Tito Santana. . Ric does his usual tricks, all but bleeding all over the place. They put on a classic style match. Near the end Ric is ambushed by Mr. Perfect and beaten up bad. Ric cuts a promo challenging Perfect to a loser leaves town match next week on raw. Perfect excepts. Should be interesting considering the Royal Rumble is just a week away.

Overall it was a good Raw. Rob Barlet was less irritating than last week. We got to see a lot of stars who we didn't see last week. And we got some new things to look forward to for next week. I gotta say i love these so far. You get the regional promotion feel , which i love considering i was raised on Portland Wrestling. But you also get all the legends of the era.

Till next week!

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