April 06, 2012

The Return Of Brock Lesnar

So we all know that Brock Lesnar came back to the WWE on Monday. All the hype of everything changing blah, blah, blah the WWE hype machine at work.

Yes, A guy that used to work in WWE...that quit....then got more famous by trying to be an NFL player...then even more famous by being a UFC Heavyweight Champ...oh and he's married to Sable (Rena Mero)...oh and his manager is Paul Heyman. Some how that wrinkly necked monster got famous for quitting, not being good enough, losing, and marrying Johnny B Badd's sloppy seconds.

Brock Lesnar's time in WWE was weird for me. I follow the product more now than I did then. The Lesnar vs Angle year was one of the few Wrestlemania's I missed since the Iron Man Match in the 90s. He always bugged me to look at, wasn't a good promo, was shoved down my throat, but then there was Paul Heyman sitting there building him up. How could I really hate the guy? Paul Heyman made me love and then hate Mike Awesome. Now I'm indifferent about Mike Awesome but at the time I was fairly vocal (to myself because I don't really talk to anyone else about wrestling).

When Lesnar left, I suddenly began to like him a lot more than before. I don't like UFC, but I actually watched a few of his "bouts." It cracked me up. The big stupid sword thing on his chest and the big scary monster on his back. It cracked me up that he was such a big dumb animal that he wanted to actually hurt people rather than not hurt people and still make lots of money. It was almost more about the comedy of it all than anything else.

I'm glad Brock is back.
1. No legitimate monsters that I'm actually scared of in this business anymore.
2. The off chance that Paul Heyman may come back in any way would immediately make the business better.
3. Legitimate scary dudes help blur reality.
4. He proved that he actually did care about professional wrestling or he probably wouldn't ever do it again.
5. He actually did have a few great matches with Angle and Guerrero and Taker.

Where this whole thing will go I don't know. I won't share the rumors I've heard. It actually didn't have anything to do with Undertaker which was shocking with their apparent legit heat (seems like that whole thing might have been a work...remember Paul Heyman and Vince have always had weird secret dealings). All I know is that it's always nice to have somebody in the WWE that can wrestle and is actually famous outside of just wrestling.

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