June 02, 2011




  1. Cool. I like your show. I like this routine.

    On a few of the points you made...

    -I knew A-Ri was a star as soon as he cut his "goodbye" promo after being eliminated from NXT. I even remember saying then, as you did your report, that he'll be one of the main guys someday. Just wanted to take credit for that. For the record, I said the same about Brodus Clay, who's been unfortunately AWOL. I'd like to see him in Mark Henry's spot, but I guess that'd be premature. Now that I think about it, ARi and Brodus got very similar treatments after they left NXT. They both tagged along with their pros for a while, and would get high profile matches on a near weekly basis. ARi wrestled Orton maybe four times, and Brodus had several matches with Edge and Christian. The last time Brodus was seen was at Xtreme Rules, where he got busted open from a ladder shot by Christian. At least it looked like he was legitimately busted open, I hope he didn't gig, that would definitely explain his absence. Either way, there was a lot of blood outside the ring that was panned over briefly. It was even on Botchamania.

    -You were trying to remember when the last time was that John Cena lost the title to a clean pin. I know he lost it to Sheamus in a stipulation match, it might have been a table match, or a hardcore match or something. He and Batista traded it back and forth a few times, and Cena was actually the one to get a win or two against Batista by "outsmarting" him. I don't remember exactly how Batista got wins over Cena, but I'm pretty sure he got at least one clean win.

    -It's cool you're watching old wrestling stuff. I've gone back and watched a fair amount of 2000-2006 tv stuff, but not much 1989-1991. If you see Bobby Eaton tell him "hi" for me. Same goes for the Ringmaster.

    -Will you write or at some point say the names of the themes you're playing? It drives me crazy trying to place them. I think I heard Regal and Mr Perfect, and I know I heard Hogan, but there might have been one or two others that I couldn't remember. I listened to tons of themes recently, trying to pick them out for my fake show. I think I am going to do another Marshal Matters, if only because I know I can do it better, and then maybe I'll enjoy making them more. The music works differently for me, though, cuz I have to add it separately. Alice told me she wanted to make one with me, so that she could get me more animated and less monotone, but I don't know how I feel about sharing my deep wrestling thoughts with a girl. Actually I do know how I feel about it and I DONT LIKE IT. GIRLS SCHMIRLS
    I'll probably be making it, or them, on Tuesdays. I won't listen to the PWR show until I've made my show. I think if I listened to their opinions before getting mine out, I'd consciously avoid repeating what they'd said, even though I sometimes agree with them, so then I wouldn't be saying everything that I'd want to otherwise. By the by, this week on their show Damien compared the Sin Cara situation to Taka Michinoku, which is the same point I made to Joe when he told me last month in Vancouver that he thought Sin Cara was awesome. Basically, the situation I meant, and that Damien reiterated, is that they made a big hooplah about each guy getting signed, but then there weren't any guys for them to work against and their pushes faded real quick as a result. I think they'll fix it with Sin Cara, though. His moves are wicked, I don't care if he messes up a lot, it's waaaaay worth it.

    I just wrote a lot about nothing. Talk to you later.

  2. This is fun and stupid, We are now audio pen pals. Ill have a new report by saturday at the latest.


    the 3rd show

    CM Punk
    Papa Shango
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