June 16, 2011

rusty break

So i took this week off of the report. I went to the coast and it kinda screwed up my schedule. Now im caught up on wrestling but the week starts over tomorrow.So im going to skip the past weeks worth of shows. Sorry Charlie

I watched everything but slamaversary this past week. I weighed my options, watch the ppv or listen to your podcast. Your podcast won. Im sure the ppv was awesome and ill probably watch it someday but for now it's going into the unwatched vault.

No report this week is also due to the slim pickins when it came to the product. I think the all the shows in the past week have been kinda lame. I have a feeling that they will pick up soon.

Im downloading Impact now. Ill be back in the game soon. Sorry about the break.


1 comment:

  1. S'all good yo. It was a slow week, Slammiversary and Punk/Austin kinda saved it for me. I'm flattered that Marshall Matters beat out Slammaversary, but not really surprised considering how shittily TNA built it up. Just d/l it and watch AJ's stunt. Save the rest of the ppv for later, but do yourself a favor and check out that shit!! Seriously one for the books. Looking forward to your program. PWR kinda sucks now, I listened to Wrestling Observer Online this week, cuz they had me old fave Batista on for a long interview which I enjoyed. I hadn't skipped PWR in a long time, but I enjoy our material so much more I'd rather just listen to you or my own stuff again. If you have any insights into my fake show, I'm all ears. I want to make it really fun to listen to.

    Bang dat butt,
    Q Marshall