June 08, 2011

rusty report

Suck it.

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  1. Suck it, eh? Don't be such a jackwagon, you son of a mustard sandwich.

    I don't know if you should switch to a longer weekly show, I like it the way it is now, and I would like it the other way too. I like doing a weekly show because I can tie things in together, and also because if one show is dull, there have two others to talk about. But we do it totally differently. You go through each show and give your opinion on each segment, which I enjoy listening to, but I only talk about the things that stand out to me after the episode is over. I take some notes, and then put them all together at the end of the wwe-ek.

    ASSMAN! Possibly the best theme ever. I've been saving that one for a special episode. It's great, but when I was younger it made me kind of uncomfortable because of how quickly it switches back and forth about wanting to kick male ass and hump female ass. At least I assume that's how it's supposed to be. It's not very clear, that's what made me feel uncomfortable.

    What you were saying about Jack Swagger's build reminded me that when Alice and I were watching Raw, we were laughing about how he and Booker T looked like negative mirror images of each other. Both have these long long legs and arms, and know how to use them to give their movement character.

    And with Dolph Ziggler tweeting- I actually started following him on Monday night. Not because I want to read his tweets, but because I thought it would be sad if he gave his twitter account such a big plug and nobody started following him.

    You did miss something at the beginning of Raw, but it wasn't Raw. Tough Enough ended with the final elimination being live in the Raw ring, and the shows ran together.

    motherfucking Nirvana motherfucking rules. I've been listening the bootleg of their last show in Rome a lot lately (the past 15 years.) You might be onto something with your "best band ever" accolade. I dunno though, remember Oasis? They were the next Beatles, so they might be blah blah blah ok I'm done.