May 26, 2016

SCW Draft 2016

Here's the record of an epic texting session which lasted between 2:18 and 3:30 pm today between The Poncho Man and myself.  The idea was spawned in anticipation of the upcoming Raw/Smackdown roster split.  All WWE and NXT roster members were eligible, eventually including anyone else under contract with the company.  Tag Teams and Factions counted as a single pick.
68 Picks in 72 minutes made for a pretty snappy repartee which really picked me up in the middle of a dull day in front of a computer.


Kevin Owens     1     AJ Styles            
Shinsuke Nakamura     2     Seth Rollins                 
Wyatt Family     3     Roman Reigns   
The Club     4     Sami Zayn   
Samoa Joe     5     Sasha Banks   
The New Day     6     Brock Lesnar      
Cesaro     7     Bayley     
      Asuka     8     Chris Jericho
Enzo & Cass     9     Finn Balor         
     Paige     10     Mark Henry
Undertaker     11     Rusev             
Hideo Itami     12     John Cena      
      Kalisto     13     Becky Lynch
Social Outcasts     14     Charlotte              
    Alexa Bliss     15     American Alpha
Austin Aries     16     The Miz           
Alicia Fox     17     Apollo Crews
Gargano & Ciampa     18     Golden Truth               
TM61     19     Neville   
Mauro Renallo     20     William Regal      
Corey Graves     21     Booker T            
                          Renee Young     22     Hi-Res Graphic of Daniel Bryan
   Triple H     23     Randy Orton
  Emma     24     Breezango
Natalya & 2 Paws     25     The Revival              
                 Tyson Kidd     26     The Drifter Elias Samson
Christopher Girard     27     Kane                           
Alberto Del Rio     28     Sheamus                 
Rich Swann     29     Dean Ambrose
                 Andrade "Cien" Almas     30     Four Horsemen (Flair/Arn/Malenko)
Tye Dillinger     31     Dana Brooke     
                 Carmella     32     Sara "Del Rey" Amato
Adam Pearce     33     Fit Finlay           
Angry Mom     34     Road Dogg       

Some interesting points:
-No Dolph Ziggler or Baron Corbin, who have quietly been doing PPV pre-show matches the past couple months, with very little TV  time.  I might have picked them if I'd remembered them.
-Nobody picked any of the McMahons.
-I tried to pick Eric Young at the 25 spot, but Poncho reminded me that he isn't under contract.
-Poncho played "the numbers game" (Michael Cole's favorite game) by picking a total of 42 wrestlers, 1 interviewer, 2 announcers, and a cat.  I ended up with 31 wrestlers, 1 trainer, 2 announcers, 5 road agents/managers, and a photograph.
-I picked all 3 former members of the Shield, Poncho picked all 3 Japanese wrestlers.

There are probably more interesting points to glean from the lists, but it's time for my dinner.

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