May 01, 2016

Poncho Man's Payback Preview

I love Spare Change Wrestling and it's alliteration. Maybe I'll do another episode of Predetermined Pugilistic Ponderings With The Poncho Man if the show is worth talking about. I was just about to do backporch DDP Yoga and remembered I needed to do a preview. Saw some thrash metal last night. Drank a mango/spinach smoothie this morning. Good to go! Woo!

Kalisto vs Ryback for the WWE United States Championship
Quit feeding me more of this feud. Feed me more moves Kalisto. We's gots to get you over and feuding with a currently inept character like Ryback aints gonna get youse there.

The Miz Vs. Cesaro for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
I watched every James Bond movie ever last month. I hated Casino Royale the first time I saw it, but liked it much more the second time, Roger Moore is my favorite Bond. For some reason campy ones with Grace Jones and what not get me every time. Skyfall was a pretty incredible movie. I liked it alot.  Batista was interesting as Mr. Jinx. Spectre just didn't seem as meaningful as Skyfall though. It was weird saying goodbye to Judi Dench.

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin
End of Days? More like End of Paying attention to the screen for the 5 minutes this match is on.

Sami Zayn Vs. Kevin Owens
Yay! Yippee!!! I'm just excited for this.

Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose
What did Dean say his plants name was? Steve? Claude? George? I can't remember. That was the only part of the Ambrose Asylum I really enjoyed. When I was in high school I had to carry around a plant for like two weeks because it was my "baby." It was named Joan Madge Tower. I still have her and she's huge now. I like naming things. I'm mostly just stoked to see Jericho call Ambrose a "stupid idiot" after he attempts something like the Flying Push.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs The Vaudevillains #1 Contender Match
Is it weird to you that The Vaudevillians are still a thing? That Vince just didn't bury it immediately like every other quirky thing that isn't The New Day....and that they will probably win this match so Enzo and Cass can feud with the Dudleys? By the way, Aiden English is great and Simon Gotch is nothing but a mustache.

Charlotte vs Natalya for the WWE Women's Championship
Did either of you read that Bret Hart said something about not giving a shit about Payback? It was slightly taken out of context (I think) but I was cracking up. He and his sons do an awful podcast where they review stuff, and Bret is just so down on the product that he makes me (lately) look like Mr. Sunshine. I was also disappointed that we didn't get to see Ric Flair tell Natty to kill herself on tv. That's classic.

Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Who woulda thunk? A good storyline. Good wrestlers. And bad/awkward promos from just about everybody. (Sorry AJ. Still love you. Smooches.) If Anderson and Gallows turn on AJ and join the Roman Empire....I don't know how I'll feel. It's such a good idea, and completely turns it all into a Vince thing and not an outside thing.....but sometimes outside things have money in them. So torn. Excited. Intrigue is good after having none for the last few months.

Okay. Gotsta go do the stretching. Swig of Mango/Spinach smoothie with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Almonds, and Ginger for the working man. Sometimes I add garlic, but I was out today. Oh, and Rusty....your new band guy thing is totally quality. It reminds me of Meat Loaf.

I have Hot Rockin' in my I really wanted to end this preview with the statement....I wanna go Hot Rockin'



  1. I've seen all the James Bond movies, but not in a single month! My favorite era of James Bond movies is the early stuff-- From Russia with Love is at the top of my list, but I think my favorite Bond is Daniel Craig. Because of how he walks. Insane swagger. I saw Spectre in an empty theater and was reacting out loud every time he looked cool doing something (CONSTANTLY). I agree Skyfall was special. Roger Moore is my Mom's favorite Bond. I like most of his movies a lot. The only Ian Fleming book I've read is Live and Let Die, which is really racist and spoiled the (already iffy) movie for me. How does Cesaro get to the side of the 'tron, do they put steps off-camera?

    Have you tried cashew milk? We switched a few months ago. Unsweetened of course. It makes way way better Annie's Mac & Cheese than its almond counterpart. I don't think the vanilla flavor would suit that meal, though. I'm so pumped for AJ's main event! This is the best wrestling blog in the universe.

    1. My favorite Bond movie when I was a teenager was Diamonds are Forever. Like so many other boys of that age, I was hugely into James Bond movies. The only ones I didn't like were the Timothy Dalton movies. I hated them because I felt it was WRONG that James Bond would ever fall in love and/or get married. I had a similar problem with Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace, but I'm over it. Now I don't know whether I prefer Dalton or Brosnan, but it doesn't really matter because I don't think I like either. Goldeneye was cool back in the day, though, so I guess that puts Dalton at the bottom of my list, but he's amazing in Dr Who and Hot Fuzz! Lazenby is under-rated. While I'll be sports-rooting for Cesaro, a small-but-dangerously-growing part of me will be pulling for the Miz. He's been on fire (on the mic), and I think his character needs the belt more than Superman.