April 23, 2016

I dudits


I sound way cooler and smarter in my head.

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  1. YES! I'm so stoked on this. It's way better than I thought it would be based on your humble ("lots of ums") description. There were good jokes and a consistent pace, which already makes it better than most wrestling podcasts, plus you have an informed opinion that I actually trust and care about, which I can only also say about Rusty and Shoemaker. So, thanks!

    I was going to skip Smackdown this week, but I'll definitely watch it now, for the 5-star wrestling dance off, the bullet club thing you alluded to, and the main event you said was good. I might watch the AIW match too. I haven't seen the latest Lucha, but I did't mind the spoilers. I haven't watched a whole NXT show in a while, so it was good to hear some info on that. I agree ROH has been interesting lately. I finished the Supercard shows, but am a week behind on their TV. In the last one I watched, Dalton Castle cut a super promo where he said something like, "I don't know how much time I've got left in this world, but I'm gonna make it weird." It seemed especially poignant because of Prince's recent death (although it was filmed before that happened).

    Will your show have a name? I downloaded the podbean app and subscribed. Should I be using podbean, does that make it more accessible for you guys?