April 06, 2016

A review?

So, I've kinda stayed mum about how I feel about Mania and Raw and I think it's because I'd rather stay positive than to bitch and moan about a product that I'll continue to watch and forgive. So anyways...here's some bullet points.

•Favorite Match On WrestleMania
Would it surprise you if I said Undertaker vs Shane? Memorable bump aside....this will be the only story I remember and I really loved the story of Shane gaining Taker's respect and putting him out of his misery. And basically Vince gave him one night to run RAW because he'd gained his respect too. Just wish Vince/the writing played that up a bit more.

•I understand the sentiment that booking doesn't matter because everything changed on Monday, but booking does matter, and obviously booking to focus on one guy is a huge pet peeve for me. (Btw...I was cheering for Charlotte because I want a chase. ) I'm so sick of fifty/fifty booking and not building a roster of stars and we're so focused on one stupid guy that I will never ever like. I watched a lot of the Rise Of Cena and the boring horrible storytelling of a big giant dude with a buzz cut who never loses. I don't think Roman is a heel now. I think this was a one week stop gap before he goes back to tater tot jokes. The announcers made it clear (for once) that this audience Boo and Cheer for the wrong guys....so "don't adjust your dial because of those wacky fans." I just want everyone to be important and have the focus on them, and not just a few large handsome men. I'm probably just rambling and expressing the same feelings I always have...but I'd accept Roman as an important character more...if we had 6 guys who were all focused on and we could pick and choose ourselves whom were most excited about and not be punished for liking the "wrong guy." And stop telling me it's because people "aren't over." Just shove them down throats with good material and they will be.

•Those NXT call ups were awful. Corbin's promo was the shits. Apollo didn't get over in NXT....how's he gonna get over on the main roster? Enzo was great.....but that stupid crowd ruined it. Poor Vaudevillians...their road to obscurity on the main roster begins on Smackdown. They really need some better  plans for call ups because as of now...The Shield is the only one that has worked to create a main eventer.....because Bray Wyatt is a popilar mid carder who always loses.....

•I'm not a huge Dean Ambrose fan, but boy was that Hardcore Match awful. 10 minutes of Brock literally looking like nothing really caused him damage and then he wins. I absolutely believe in keeping Brock strong...but Dean just looked like a dumbass with his silly looking move set. Btw...doesn't Brock just usually bleed at the drop of a hat...and all these "toys" did nothing to him.

 •Excited for AJ....but confused that the story is "grizzled vet finally gets the upper hand in feud...only to have rookie win title shot. Huh? I like AJ....but I also like Jericho....so there was no logical conclusion to their feud and no one was rewarded for anything. Just some stuff happened with no bearing to anything. That's what 27 writers thought of!?!

Am I being a whiner? I think I'm just confused.

•I don't hate Roman because he's shoved down my throat, or I don't feel he deserves it....that's not something in my control. I hate Roman because he doesn't seem genuine at all. He comes off as doing bad acting, which causes a huge disconnect in my brain. It makes me question the character and the push. When I continue feeling that way, it makes me hate the character more and I question why he is the focal point and the guy who does seem genuine (to me) isn't the focal point. Now the character is getting "edgier" and I care even less, because a character can't be scary when he's already made it clear that he refers to testicles as tator tots like a grade schooler. (Now I'm just thinking outloud/not directing this at you guys....but anyone out there in the internet).

•Triple H's introduction by Stephanie was incredible, and Snaggletooth on his boots teared me up. (The match was okay, but his match with Ambrose at Roadblock was waaaaaaaaay better).


I don't really have much else. Kudos to WWE for having a plan and sticking to it.....for exactly one guy on a roster of like 40?

I really wanna love the product so I can tell randoms about how awesome WWE is...and be the biggest free advertisement in Eugene Oregon....but for now I'll just steer people towards El Rey.

(I think I wrote this more as a real blog post than a letter to you two....weird....whining over).

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  1. I feel all that too. I think taking most of the year off from WWE helped me to keep my expectations under control when I did come back to it, so I feel the disappointment less. It would be harder to turn it off again now though, with Styles, Owens, and Zayn to root for... so I hope you're wrong about the stories going nowhere because I'll start getting sad if I'm feeling compelled to watch a show to root for a few favorites, and get routinely disappointed by their lack of competitive relevance. Maybe next week is the tell-tale week, where we can see if they were just playing to the smarks on Monday, or are actually doing something interesting.