October 05, 2015

pre tour rusty report

Long time no see fellaz! Shoot man. I miss yall. You still watch that pro wrestling? I kinda do. Really just the ppv's anymore even tho i love some of the roster. Here is a list of random stuff.....

THE NEW DAY: I wasnt interested at all when they started. I thought it was a waste of  people i already liked. But shit man, the are great. I love everything about them. And the audience does too. When is the WWE going to catch on that the fans like to have fun and it is ok to have this kind of stuff? Git with it you pricks!

SETH ROLLINS: This guy is my new fav. I think he totally rules and his matches are awesome. ANd he is working with the company to make it better which i like. I also love his matches with Cena. I'm sorry but I think Cena is great when he wrestles indie guys. And i just think Rollins rules all around.

I still love Brey even tho they made him lame.

I still love Owens even tho they made him lame

I still love Ryback even tho he has always been lame.

I dont give two shits about Ziggles and the Russian guy at all even tho i like them. That story sucks absolute ass even tho it should be great. I'm a big fan of pressed together boobs so i should love this. But i dont. Sorry

I'm really glad the 3D are back. I always said that Buh Buh Ray was the best talker in TNA. If they let him loose he would be great.

Brock rules and Heyman is the best talker in wrestling ever.

I dont watch Divas stuff at all because I just watch porn to look at naked girls. I watch wrestling to watch wrestling. I feel like they get ripped off and I just cant watch even tho i like some of them.

Well that is it my dudes! Ill type ya some on the road!

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  1. YEA DUDE Rusty Nickles 4Ever!
    I'm the same, with WWE, I usually only watch the PPVs, sometimes the Raw after the PPV, which reminds me why I don't watch Raw anymore. Now I keep up by listening to the Cheap Heat podcast on Wednesday, and trawling the internet for gifs of Paige. That keeps me in the know as much as I need to be. Honestly, even the PPVs are hard to sit through, I'll often skip a few matches.
    I had fun reading your opinions, and I agree with most of them. There are only two big ways I see things differently... One, I believe the WWE does value New Day, and is totally behind them. They get TV time, are the dominantly booked tag team right now, and Triple H danced in the ring with them. Yeah, Triple H is trying to get the rub off them, which means they're as popular in the back as they are in the (dwindling) houses. Second, I don't think WWE has ruined Kevin Owens. It would be impossible to keep as much fire under him as they did with him out of the gate, and besides, he's still a champ. But he's still awesome. I think the problem is that the TV shows are lame, so it makes everybody seem lame.
    I'm following New Japan, ROH, Chikara, PWG, and EVOLVE with more enthusiasm for wrestling than most WWE stuff, but with Rollins on top, I can't stay mad. I've still gotta see his next title defense, and that keeps me coming back more than anything. (shout-out to your other pal Cesaro).