October 23, 2015

Poncho Man's Helly Celly Belly Welly Jelly

I did a DDP Extreme Headstand today. It was sweet. I saw The Marshall last week and apparently I'm gonna see Mr. Nickels  tomorrow. HORSE FEATHERS (with the voice).

Ziggles, Neville, Cesaro vs Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett in the previous show.
Real barn burner here.

Charlotte Vs Nikki for the Divas Championship
Hmmmm....the Paige vs Natalya feud is actually more entertaining, and everything was more fun when Sasha wasn't wrestling and the crowd would just chant "we want Sasha." They should waited until it was fever pitch. Charlotte has kinda been a dud....except for watching her dad cry more. Which always makes me happy for some reason.

The New Day vs the Dudley Boyz for the Tag Titles
I kinda see the New Day losing here. Let me explain why.....2 months from now is the TLC PPV. So wouldn't it make sense for the heels to win back the titles in the Dudley's. Also....

The John Cena Open Challenge for the US Title
If it's not Daniel Bryan blowing the roof off and winning....I think The New Day will be sharing the US title for a few months. That would be awesome.

Owens vs The Ryback for the Intercontinental Title
Let me tell you the Secret....Kevin Owens has good matches with everyone because he's one of the best professional wrestlers today. Crazy huh!?

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns in Hell In A Cell
Hopefully this just turns into Reigns cutting a really long awkward promo. Because it's so bad, it's getting over....at least in my house....when I sit and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Seth Rollins vs Demon Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
If Kane loses, Corporate Kane gets fired. This should happen at all publicly traded companies. The upper brass should keep there jobs based on fights. Anyway, as it was when Kane wrestled Daniel Bryan for the title....I have little intrigue because it feels a little predetermined.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker Hell In A Cell
Dude, it's gonna be awesome when Brock throws Taker off the cage into the announcers desk. That's gonna happen right? Anybody watch the Austin podcast? It just reminded me why I didn't enjoy Brock the first time around. That he's more of a meat head than everyone else. But, now I just love his matches. As for Taker, this storyline is so confusing because his promos are uninspiring and he should be a heel, and now Brock is heeling it up...and I guess everything is just shades of grey. I know this though....today I'm underwhelmed....Sunday I'll wake up and go "Holy shit.. .Brock vs Taker is today!"

I can't think of anything else. This week my favorite wrestler is AJ Styles. James Storm in NXT was garbage. I'm sorry for his luck. And scene.

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  1. I like what you say about Owens here. The only reason I've watched Raw in the past month was to see him against Mark Henry (after hearing you talk about, and seeing awesome clips of him wrestling luchadores). After reading your preview, I was looking forward to his Ryback match more than anything else on the card, because you're right-- he has good matches with everyone! It's been ages since I watched a Ryback match, but Owens did not disappoint. It was the only match I didn't skip through, at least a little (I watched at least half of New Day/Dudleys and Taker/Lesnar, pretty much skipped to the end of everything else. It was late and I needed to get to bed.)
    I'm home sick from work today, and am going to try and finish BOLA and catch up on ROH. Looks like a couple pre-Trios Chikara events are up, too. So much fine man-on-man action, so little time...