September 19, 2015

WWE Night Of Champions Preview

So....I missed a SummerSlam preview!? I feel like a terrible person. It's almost like I've spent the last month or so doing nothing but tons of exercise and making bad decisions. Did I say that I'm gonna run a half marathon? Well I am. I really want a 13.1 sticker. That's my only reason.

The Cosmic Wasteland vs Neville & The Lucha Dragons
Rick Victor is now in a stable. Pretty Awesome dudes.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev
Lana broke her wrist. I liked her high top high heels. Oh...and Dolph gave Summer earrings apparently. I think he wants a three way.

The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz
Did you guys sign the petition to Save The Tables? This is great stuff. Can't wait for the TLC match we're sure to get down the road. Everything about The New Day is the best. I care about Kofi now! Finally!

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Mystery vs The Wyatt Family
Who you got? Baron Corbin? Joe? Or is it DBD? I may be in the minority, but I like this. Perfect spot for these guys....even though Bray will probably never win anything for the rest of his career.

Charlotte vs Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship
Charlotte wins right? Or does hottie (not as hot since you bimboed yourself out on Total Divas getting engaged when you didn't want to) Paige heel it up and cost Miss Flair? Revolution! With minimal stories!

Ryback vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship
Kevin hates The Secret. Perfect reason for a feud. He also eats apples while Ryback can't seem to find food. The devils in the details.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena for the US Championship
This will probably be a pretty good match where Cena flubs one or two moves that he shouldn't be doing, but we will give him credit because he's not doing the same five. I wonder where they go from here.

Seth Rollins vs Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Rollins should watch Michaels vs Hogan from SummerSlam and just do the same thing. Slightly over sell  everything because it's awesome and fun. Alas, I don't think even Sting's tag team partner Jesus will help him win. Should be fun.

I ate entirely too much candy today, and I like it. Thanks for the ROH show Marshall. It works! Rusty, did you really open for the Colts!?! I was watching The Big Show DVD set and found a new Rat Classic that I'll hopefully post soon. Well well...nothing more to say...Poncho Out.

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  1. After getting ramped up about the Brooklyn trilogy, I followed up with the Smackdown of that week, and was disappointed by the pointlessness and mediocrity of the program. I haven't watched WWE since, but looking at the card I can tell that I haven't missed a whole lot in terms of storylines.

    Wasteland/SuperDragons: I'll bet I missed some awesomely campy promos from Cody & Friends. Hope there's a video package with highlights before the match. The match itself sounds like a fun.

    Ziggler/Rusev: Will skip. I can't even look at Ziggler anymore, he comes off like like such a corporate kiss-ass. That should be his next "character". Attack, Rusev!

    New Day/Old Day: This, Match will. Be, Awesome because. New, Day antics. Are, the best.

    Mystery Man Match: Speculation abounds! I'd be totally fine with Corbin. He'll do better on the main roster than NXT, I think he's better than the fans give him credit for. Still, Joe would absolutely be better. I'd be disappointed if DBD came back in the midcard like this, but that's where they're gonna want him anyway. How bad would you mark out if it's Bayley?

    Charlotte/Nikki: I will watch it. I will not skip it. But I'm expecting a Divas match, and not a Women's match. Hope I'm wrong.

    Ryback/Owens: Defending your Title against Owens is the new Title. Nice spot this Ryback kid's got.

    Rollins/Cena/Sting: RETAIN! RETAIN! PLEASE! PLEASE! Cena's got his rematch, that makes sense, but how does someone come into the WWE, lose one match, and get a World Title match 8 months later? Bologna. Still, I'd watch Rollins wrestle his own statue to an hour broadway, so this will be interesting. But I really want him to win twice, so if he doesn't I'll get all pouty and say it "sucked". The only way him losing might work is if he loses both belts, then regains the US belt on Raw and the WWE belt at the next ppv... I'm thinking too much.