May 15, 2015

Poncho Man's Mildly Early Payback Preview.

Well well well, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow for wrestling fun time. You guys couldn't have picked a better time to come visit. While I won't force you to drink beers and listen to Katy Perry on vinyl, it's been a rough week. In the interest of not whining all Saturday,  I found out Tuesday that I'm officially single....told her Wednesday that I didn't want any contact....was doing fairly good....until she started texting me this afternoon and I broke down (in fact missed a Rusty phone call because of uncontrollable bawling). I hope I don't freak you two out with TMI but it will be nice to hang out and do the wrestling watching. Just need to move a recliner downstairs and we'll all be sitting like kings.

Macho Mando and Curtis Axel vs The Ascension
Fuck this. This is stupid. :)

Naomi and Tamina vs The Bella Twins
Ummmmm....okay. Did you guys read that Charlotte vs Sasha Banks headlined an NXT show in Philly? It's super cool that the mark audience is supporting that....and proves Sara Del Ray is amazing.

Neville vs. King Barrett
If I was emotionally invested I would be excited for this. I feel The King gimmick is terrible for the former bare knuckle boxer who delivers bad news. He didn't even start talking funny. Luckily, Neville is making the most of his spot. I've never been emotionally invested in a Pac or Neville unless he was fighting someone I loved (Steen vs Pac in PWG was rad and I probably texted about it before).

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus
Ziggler has been trying to "Poison" up his look and Sheamus still makes me bored. I feel like I might mildly care if I watched Smackdown.

Kiddaro vs The New Day 2 out of 3 falls
Oh please give this time. Please please please give this time. This was match of the night last ppv. Kiddaro can put a match together. You just know Claudio put alot of Chikara together back in the day. BTW, I'm so glad they let The New Day be something I've never ever seen before in wrestling....but still be familiar.

John Cena vs Rusev I Quit Match for the US Title
I'll probably quit watching during this match since all of Cena's Raw matches lately have been better than anything he's done with Rusev. Oh yeah....Lana is still hot.

Ryback vs Bray Wyatt
Bray is gonna win a match?!?! Wow. Crazy.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE
This match is very curious. Did they just randomly realize they fucked up with Dean or is something going on? Well...doesn't really matter since there is another PPV in 2 weeks.

Well, I just finished writing this as the Grizzlies were eliminated from the playoffs (my second favorite team in the NBA) and this braided ponytail guy in his early forties is clapping and yelling "nice" often right next to me. Ummm....what else.....I'm super behind on Chikara....Lucha Underground might be my favorite wrestling right this second. I can't tell how depressed I am about Daniel Bryan because of life. I don't have a "guy" in WWE right this second (Give me Owens and a microphone). I guess we can talk about anything else in person. I'll see Rusty bright and early tomorrow. Red or white Marshall?



  1. I see that our feelings about the current state of WWE are very similar. It would have been really interesting to watch a Raw tomorrow. Maybe next time we'll be at one live...

    I've been emotionally invested in Neville since he started doing promos at NXT, cause he was always like, "Yea, ah kno ah'm funneh lookin, but ah'm a do mah moves en whoop es oss." So glad they didn't put a mask on him.

    Dolph's new look (as you say- Poisoned up) is terrific. By terrific, I really mean a combination of terrible and horrific. It's ghastly. I'm completely not a fan of either of these WWE drone clones, HOWEVER they do have chemistry. The last PPV match of theirs I remember was from No Way Out in 2012, and it was really really good. I even rewatched it once or twice. But it seems like WWE has changed in the past few years, and matches, even PPV matches, are even more sterilized. Hopefully they'll try and use the platform to get themselves over... again.

    New Day/Kiddaro-- Yes, agree agree, a fan of both teams. Does this mean you're finally coming around on Kofi?

    John Cena Oh Shit Yeah!!!!!! The US title defenses are BAR NONE the best thing to happen to Raw since CM Punk. They create the feeling of a competitive atmosphere in the middle of a program that abandoned that facade years ago. I'm sure I'll go off on rants about this tomorrow.

    4-Way, yes, curious indeed. Couldn't have put it better.

    The ROH /NJPW shows were never up on XWT, so we will not have those to watch. Major bummer. Maybe we should go to your bar at midnight to watch the TV show, if they can play it with the volume up.

    Poncho, yeah, it's not really TMI because you've been posting about it on Facebook all week. It will be good for all of us to get together and just have a good time. I have a few special things in mind (from the vaults) which I'm really excited to share. I'm looking forward to watching some things for the first time, and bouncing our ideas around about them. I'm looking forward to what you guys have in mind to watch also, and to get into that stuff, and talk about that too. I'm looking forward to drinking beer in Eugene, and RED Poncho, RED!!!! I'm looking forward to picking my nose in the car while eating beer jerky, drinking coke zero, and listening to the Meat Puppets or Dinosaur Jr or something else that compliments the sunshine.

    Or the rain, whatever.

    1. I mean beef jerky. Beer jerky does sound pretty keen though.