May 28, 2015

Poncho Man's Elimination Chamber Preview

Incredibly bored. Staff meeting. Recent Woody Allen movie (To Rome With Love). Cleaning my house for hours and hours while listening to records. Finally drinking 1 dollar PBRS and writing this. I did just have a guy I kinda know thanking me on instant messenger for telling him about NXT. That was kinda cool. Oh yeah....allergies hit this morning. Lonely and miserable (not Black Flag?).

Bo Dallas vs. Neville
I like Bo even more on the main roster than I did in I'll probably be pretty stoked for this. Lately...Bolieving comes up more in my life than Yes! which is upsetting.

Nikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi for the Divas Championship
Paige post Miz movie is still hot. Btw....Alexis Bliss...heel

Intercontinental Elimination Chamber Match with a bunch of people...probably now including more Bray Wyatt
Rusev got hurt. I give no shits about this match. They could give it to R-Truth and I won't care as our boy is gone (pre show Miz TV btw) and I'm just sad about the whole damn thing.

Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber Match with errybody (sic)
I have the exact opposite feelings about this match. I have a feeling this could be a classic. Even if the outcome is pretty obvious this will be so much fun. So many great underutilized guys trying to steal the show in a position that they can. Weeeeeee.

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
It's interesting. The Internet seems torn about the outcome being completely obvious or it being that interesting time when a shake up is needed. Oddly...I think it all depends on the outcome of another at ch on this card. The match....

John Cena vs Kevin Owens
I'm just gonna become a broken record of saying...didn't I call a Steen vs Cena fued being a dream fued? This is the first Cena match I've had emotion about since CM Punk.....where I will be on the edge of my seat verbally yelling at the screen.  Seriously. He's the man.

I wasn't trying to sound so miserable in my opening. Good favorite beer is back (Stumptown Tart....7.7% candy beer), I have an immaculate kitchen, no roomies for a bit (I need a new roomie....the awful search starts), Lakers got the #2 pick, the new Goatsnake record is incredible, and we had a really great marathon. Rusty did you take the salsa? I have your hot sauce. I made some eggs with it. Okay....enjoy guys. Please post more. We watch lots of wrestling.....I wanna hear about it all.

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  1. Sorry you're bored. I've got ROH (W.O.T.W. Night 1 and a road show) plus LU queued up, so I'll be in wrestletown soon. I've really liked some of Woody's recent movies (Midnight in Paris, Magic in the Moonlight) but I've missed a few, I need to go back and watch them. I think my favorite movie of his is Love and Death. Followed by Play it Again Sam and Sweet and Lowdown. But there are tons of great and quirky ones that he's made. He could marry my oriental stepchild any day. Right now I'm listening to Joe's Garage for the first time. I'm almost through it, I started before work and am finishing it now. It's really funny, I didn't get that it was concept album until about a quarter of the way through, and then I laughed and wished I'd been playing closer attention to the lyrics. I'll give the new Goatsnake a spin sometime soon. Is there a gaybot blowjob song on that one also?

    Thanks for the preview, I haven't been watching Raw for a few weeks. I was sort of into it before the marathon, but I don't think I've watched any WWE since then. Well, just the NXT special which was incredibly fun.

    You say the WWE title match depends on the outcome of Owens/Cena? How, like one of them will have a good guy win, so the other will be a bad guy?

    After skipping Payback, I'll be tuning in for this one. I didn't think much of the tag elimination match, but you've got me all stoked for it now. And with the IC... if R-Truth wins I will mark out. The champ is here f'shizzle! (that's the audio clip I would play if this was the Marshall Matters Show.) It would also be good if Ryback won and then ate the belt. And then Stephanie could strip him of the title and he'd have to go poo, and then they'd call it the Gastroenterologic Title.

    Seems like TNA is really dying this time. Shame. Hopefully ROH won't get overly bloated with talent and become less profitable. Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley for the ROH world title would be pretty sad! That's not gonna happen though.