April 27, 2015

Extreme Rules TOTALLY Review!

I thought the butt kissing thing was made up by Kayfabe News.  Wow, it was real.

Usually with the WWE shows and PPVs, I don't really care, but maybe I'll tune in and maybe see something cool.  Neville is a good example, I caught a few of his main roster matches, and he's still awesome.  I think this Extreme Rules show is the first one when I've actually felt like I really really didn't want to see it.

WWE's got me so bummed on their crappy programming that I haven't even watched NXT in like a month.  Damn!  Good thing there were about 9 hours of Chikara to watch this week!

Did you guys hear that TNA hired Billy Corgan for some big job with talent relations and to refresh their creative direction?  There has to be a good joke in there...  Maybe Bram will come out to "The world is a vampire"?  That was lame.

In other news from today, Verne Gagne died and Davey Richards got engaged to Angelina Love.  There has to be a good joke in there, maybe not about Verne Gagne, but... Hey, I didn't know Davey Richards was gay.  Hm?  No?  Also lame?  My bad.

I heard that King of the Ring was going to happen, and I got excited.  I heard it was just going to be TV, no PPV, I was still excited.  I saw the list of 8 competitors, I was really excited.  I looked for the second list of competitors....  Hey, where's Block B?  You can't have a wrestling tournament in a promotion of dozens of guys, and then just have 8 competitors!  Suck!  Damn!  Oh, who am I kidding, I don't have any ROH, NJPW, PWG, Chikara, NOAH, or anything else to watch, so I'll probably tune in for Raw tonight.  For their weenie little tournament.  Maybe I'll also watch the new Jerry Springer network show, because I'm not depressed enough already.

I'm thinking Saturday, the 16th of May would be a good time for a Wrestlemarathon.  We could watch the previous night's Global Wars, and some other stuff, then order the second night of Global Wars on iPPV.  If we have iPPV capabilities.  None of us have laptops.  Poncho, is it possible to watch iPPVs at your place?  Anyway, it's a Saturday, which is the best day for me.  I work Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  Even if we can't catch night 2, the first show is still stacked as hell and we should watch it together.

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