March 10, 2015

mark of the beast!!!

Hey dudes. Rusty here. And i got a weird post for ya. You may not know this about me but I'm a big time fan of conspiracy stuff. I wouldn't exactly say I believe what I read, but I do get a lot of entertainment from it all. True or not, I like to hear what people come up with.

So here is an interesting theory that actually crosses into our territory. This guy found Illuminati symbolism in ROH wrestling. I thought you dudes might like it.


  1. Yes, I must concur with username:"Illuminatiwatcher" that this is indeed a coincidence most treacherous. So treacherous, in fact, that it isn't even a coincidence at all. For the past three months (since its inception) I've been compiling some pretty dark evidence on The Decade, the most damning piece of which is the fact that if you rearrange the first names of the original three members, you get "Job, Mr. Dim Icy Jerk" which is obviously a concealed threat to the rest of the locker room. But are the rest of the boys innocent? Unfortunately not. No, there are signs, ever so insidious, that every single member of the ROH roster in deeply involved in occult activities, from the ring announcer Bobby Cruise (swallows pig embryos whole) to manager Veda Scott (births mooses) to play-by-play man Kevin Kelly (bisexual) to the bookerman himself, Hunter "Delirious" Johnson (controller of the Eye of Tyr). I have on good account that even ACH, arguably the purest of their babyfaces, actually stands for Affluence Controlling Hegemony. The whole thing is just a cover for witchery and global domination, and they just throw it in our faces with these thinly veiled symbols and subtexts. That's why it's my favorite TV show.

  2. Also, it just occurred to me that in another promotion, they recently sacrificed a goat to further the Roman agenda.