February 26, 2015

Rüsty Repört

Hey dudes. Remember me? Why do I never post anymore? Well, mainly because i only have a small tablet and it is kinda a bitch to type on. Oh well, im here ñow to report on what I have been watching lately...

WK9 was awesome. I had a great time watching it in the van. In fact almost everything I have watched in the last month was in the our van during long drives. It is such a luxoury! It also doubles the entertainment factor. But I wouldn't blame the van for WK9 being so good. I would blame the Nakamura Ibushi match. More on that later...

I have been actually digging Raw lately. I blame that partially on the van. But who cares. It is fun and I really like some of the dudes on the roster. I think it is kinda a cool time right now and will get even better soon when....

Owens vs Zayn was killer. Those guys awe awesome. And I really buy Owens as a brute. I mean, I know you two know this already. But as the official SCW mark I just gotta say it. That match was awesome and the finish was totally brutal. I can't wait to see more from these two.

Yeah I still watch wcw all the time. Blah blah blah.

OK. My two fav matches of the year so far.

Nakamura's vs ibushi . by far. I showed like 5 minutes to my non wrestling band mate and he loved it. Especially the over the top rope suplex thing which ruuuuuuled.

Ziggler vs Luke Harper TLC match. Shit. This was from December of last year. Dang. I loved that match

That is it for now homies.

Before tour I'll do an audio podcast. Till then, stay rusty folks.

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  1. PS I watched Lucha Underground yesterday and it was great. I don't have time to keep up with all these shows!!!!!!!!