February 10, 2015

Poncho Man's NXT TakeOver:Rival Preview

As Rusty is eagerly awaiting more Nakamura matches and texting me about how exciting WrestleKingdom 9 was....we'll be preparing ourselves for this dandy. Who would have thought after Final Battle a few years ago that this would be something the WWE would want and promote without buying ROH. Anyway....

Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey in a No Disqualification Match
I personally don't "get" Baron Corbin. Bull Dempsey I love. Dempsey has a Baby Huey via territory wrestler charm that I maybe is so great because we just don't seen ANYONE like that anymore. Hopefully he gets a main roster run that leads him to Japan in a few years...where everyone will be scared of him.

Adrian Neville vs Finn Balor #1 Contenders Match
Ummm....cool? Body paint vs The Future "Mighty Mouse." I can't remember if I've seen this match before, but as with anything in NXT that we've "seen before" we'll get the WWE style instead of whatever indie this was at before style....which may not always mean better or worse...just different. Whatever...I can't complain about seeing a Pac vs Prince Devitt match...anywhere anytime.

Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy vs The LuchaDragons for the NXT Tag Titles
I don't like looking at Blake and Murphy. I really hope WWE doesn't drop the ball with Kalisto. He's your next Mysterio. I personally find his move set more entertaining than Mysterio. I bet Kalisto and Stardust could tear the house down every night for a year. Anyway, I hope The LuchaDragons losing the titles was a way to split them up and make Kalisto the best thing ever...and not a gay hairdresser.

Speaking of Kalisto wrestling singles matches....I have a feeling we might get a little Solomon Crowe right around here. The weird interruptions have become a regular thing and I'm excited to see the former Sami Callihan as he's not been on my tv since like EVOLVE 14 or something.

Charlotte vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch for the NXT Woman's Title
Let's see if the ladies can put on a show as good as the last four way match NXT had. I'm guessing that they can come close.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship
If you're a wrestling fan you are excited for this. If you have a pulse...you would probably get excited watching this. I hope I'm not TOO excited for this.

Well, hope all is well on your fronts. RAW seemed enjoyable last night, or I was just drunk? #booromanreigns Excited for The New Beginning. Rusty...you'll need to watch NJPW on AXS next...it's replays with english commentary. Kind of a "best of" for the last few years and will get you up to date on NJPW's "storylines." Anybody considering the house show? Is it next month? Mick Foley? Probably sold out? Okay...talk to you later. Poncho Out

Shit....totally forgot to include pictures of Seth Rollin's fully erect Tyler Black. Maybe next time....

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  1. Yea-Oh!
    I've been watching Raw for the past month or so, and I'm way more excited for NXT Rival than I am for Fastlane (which they keep calling "WWE Fastlane" for some reason. Like going into a McDonalds and asking for a "McDonalds Big Mac, please."

    Corbin reminds me a lot of Undertaker, even before he had the cool entrance. If he can figure out how to wrestle, he'll have it made. I like your description of Dempsey, I like him too. I'm looking forward to seeing both these guys in longer matches. Neville pulled a good 4-5 minutes out of Corbin, but what these guys will do with each other will be more telling.

    I heard that WWE got interested in both PAC and Devitt from a match they had during Best of the Super Jrs in 2012. Good point that this will be in a different style, but I'm inclined to argue that the New Japan style is always better than the WWE style... but that would make me a bit of a sourpuss, maybe. Anyway, here's the link to that match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZt01rQmZm4

    I don't know if Blake and Murphy are supposed to have some kind of homo-erotic gimmick, or if it's just some kind of accident that they never stop hugging each other after they win a match. I don't really like them either, but... it's kind of fascinating. With Lucha Ds, I've been hoping that they've been reintegrating Sin Cara on Raw to bring Kalisto in to feud with Miz/Mizdow. Seems unlikely, since Miz/Mizdow are poised to blow up any minute. And what's up with Gold/Stardust? Is the Ascension going to be the only other tag team besides the Usos? Dude.

    Probably right about Crowe coming in tomorrow, they've been teasing that for a while. Hopefully Sami's not making cartoon faces and wearing an "x" on his dick anymore. Seems like it'll be an interesting gimmick, and he can wrestle good.

    4Way, nothing much to add to what you said. The women's matches have always been a big talking point after these live NXT shows. I feel like the finish is a little predictable, but it'll probably still be a badass match.

    Zayn/Owens no idea what to expect. I'm also super pumped about it.

    I forgot about the house show coming up. The Foley show I'm on the fence about, leaning slightly towards Not. Either way, I'd be into going to one or the other, but not both, too much driving.