October 26, 2013

Poncho Man's Hell In The Cell Preview

So, my work banned me from websites that you have to sign into...I don't know why...somebody did something stupid obviously...I'm going to type this on the computer...email myself...and hopefully post it via my phone. The lengths I go to for SCW and your PPV Preview....

Housekeeping:HBShizzle will always be my hero. I love it. He's so good and charismatic at everything. He says stupid stuff and it immediately gets over. I watched up to Evolve 22 and a few DGUSA shows after that. I have some things to say...but I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to write about it...My extracurricular lately has been every Clash Of The Champions event in order. Highlights: Rick Steiner talking to his hand, who happens to be named Alex. (I told The Marshall it was like Little Jimmy years before Little Jimmy). Lex Luger's inept commentary. Michael P.S. Hayes working as a face. I'm still in the NWA days...so I can't wait til it turned into WCW and Vader and Cactus Jack show up.

Curtis Axel vs Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Championship.
I like this. I hope the "Five Count" can get over. So much better than "Feed Me More." This could actually be a good entertaining match, neither of these guys suck. Guess what also! The Miz isn't even announced for this show or his Pre-Show match. That means he'll be one of those commentators at that table with Josh Matthews, or he'll be in a lame skit.....or maybe he'll be following some big birds that play rock n roll in The Jungle Book

AJ Lee vs Brie Bella for the Divas Championship
Can somebody just call Ms. Del Rey and either help these girls...or just help Paige accept her inner Luna Vachon. AJ just needs some believable competition. Or just hire Mickie back. I hear she's available...and Batista doesn't work there anymore, but I guess Cena does....

#Team Beauty and The Beast vs. The Shield vs The Usos for the Tag Team Championship
DO YOU LIKE IT!?! I named them! I just mark out for Goldust every time I see him, giggle a little, and feel blessed to be a wrestling fan. This match has some face paint. I'm so glad that since they seem to only be able to have like 3 and a half storylines (Divas are a half storyline) at one time in WWE that the 3rd most important is completely unpredictable. No clue why the Usos were added, but this will be fast paced and crazy. I shall enjoy it.

CM Punk vs Ryback and Paul Heyman HELL IN A CELL
What a year does in the career of Ryback. This is like a weird mirror image of last year. I hope Brad Maddox gives CM Punk a nut shot....for no reason. I'm glad that Rusty's favorite Brad Maddox seems to be in a better more important position in the company than Ryback does, especially since Ryback was red hot a year ago (for comparison...DBD is white hot). This is the middle of the wrestling year guys....let's get ready for the 6 month slide to Wrasslemania.

Los Matadores vs The Real Americans
Cesaro is on a PPV! YAY! Torito! Swings! Uncle Zeb! Cesaro immediately gets them over basically as evil babyfaces! This is just classic. A match that makes sense...solely based on character work.

John Cena vs ADR for the WCW Championship
Deja Vu? This would be really funny if it was a squash, going either way really. Whatever.

DBD vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship HELL IN A CELL
So I've been growing my beard for quite awhile now, waiting till DBD wins the title for more than 24 hours...and then I'll be safe to shave it. I'm willing to keep it for another six months, or just cut it off after Halloween (debating on whether Bray Wyatt or Aquaman would be easier) depending on the end of this match. HBShizzle being involved seems like a big swerve to me. I just have no idea what will or could happen in this match...and that deserves a big YES! YES! YES!

Well, enjoy the show tomorrow. I'm listening to Brother Love on the Austin show right now. I already have tickets to Smackdown (we're behind the announcers I think about 6 to 8 rows. ) I'll make sure to yell real loud so you can hear my funny stuff. Okay, let's all get together at the coast. Now that the Marshall has a job with weird hours it will probably be harder. Let's figure something out anyway....

Poncho Out

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