October 02, 2013

RR 10.2.2013


  1. Will Kofi ever get over?
    Answer: I consider Kofi Kingston over. Kids love him, and casual fans like him. I think it's only hardcore wrestling fans that think he's boring, but I'm a hardcore wrestling fan and I think Kofi rules. When he got a win this week, I turned to Alice and said that I guessed he was being built up to take one of the mid-card titles for another week-long title run before dropping it to some up-and-comer. Again. But that's fine with me because he always puts on a good show, especially in PPV matches, and I like his promos.

    What does Cesaro need to do to break out?
    Similar answer: With his dominant US title run, and wicked skills in the ring, he already looks better than Swagger, who is an ex-World Champ. He's as close as one promo away from jumping into a main event, although I don't think he'll get that opportunity any time soon.

    Who is the best talker right now?
    Punk and Heyman are at the top of the list, and wouldn't say that one is any better than the other. At the tier below them, I'd put Cena, HHH, AJ, and Vince. Right below them, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, and Dean Ambrose. Also, honorable mention for Mark Henry, who is one of the absolute best, but doesn't do it very often.

    What's my favorite Lex Luger moment?
    Gee wow, how do I narrow them down, oh gee, hmmmmm well now, let me think, umm yeah, one minute here, well there was the time... nah, um oh yeah, there was this one time when he... oh hmm nevermind about that one, let me think, uhhhh hmmm, hoo boy, aahhh hmmm yeah, well I guess it would have to be that time that Lex Luger sucked for 20 years. I know that's kind of broad, but I'm just gonna go ahead and lump that all together. Please do Muta instead, or at least anybody but Luger. You start it, and I'll use edit mode to write my bit within the same post. We've never done that before.

  2. Kofi to me is Shelton Benjamin.
    He's super over in Japan, but he's doing the same character from his WWE and ROH days. When they turned him heel in WWE his character sucked. He needed a gimmick of "Mr. Benjamin...It's all about the Benjamin" gimmick and he would have been huge...
    Kofi has to turn heel....I don't know what kinda character...but he has to now...and it needs to be shocking.
    Heyman, Punk, and Kevin Steen are the best talkers in the business today.
    Cesaro is obviously being punished for something....he's too good.
    I haven't watched the Triple H or Mid south...I'm poor from buying records...new Carcass and what not. I'll get them soon...
    Babble on....I hate when people apologize for babbling....BOOYA

  3. Luger: When he slammed Yokozuna! It was awesome! Anytime he'd put somebody huge in the torture rack. I find his Luger 2.0 Terminator gimmick hilarious. Uhhh...can't think of anything else.