December 25, 2012

Year End Musings

The Year End. Supposedly The End of The World Review.

Let’s see…In the real world Rusty is having a massive feud with his basement. Or in French….Les Sous Sol. (I don’t know any other languages…) That’s a pretty big feud. We all know who will prevail.

The Marshall is supposedly feuding with boxes in his big move. Is moving a mid-card heel or a jobber….can’t quite decide.

The Poncho Man has been completely off tv. He did go see Colt Cabana in Keizer, Oregon…and got paid to do it. Mr. Cabana was a gentleman, and it was incredible to see someone up close easily show how much better he is than everyone else, and I like DOA’s wrestlers.  Poncho has also stayed completely up to date on WWE, Chikara, Dragon Gate USA, and is currently in the middle of watching ROH’s Final Battle. I’m not sure where everyone else is at….I have a hard time talking about wrestling without spoilers so please, PLEASE feel free to skip paragraphs. I will also not talk about specific events….I didn’t take notes so I have no idea when and where I watched all of these things. Anyway…enjoy.

The Shield. Jim Ross said on his website something about “Way to maximize your minutes.” The PPV match was incredible. All three of these guys just look incredible. It’s almost like Nexus was a trial run to figure out how to get it right this time. “The bump” was CRAZY! Flashed to an article on by The Masked Man talking about how Seth Rollins could be an amazing mix of CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. Basically what WWE wants Justin Gabriel to be…but he has one move and doesn’t seem legitimately tough at all. Every time I hear Ambrose I look up at the Brian Pillman action figure on my wall.  Great Stuff guys!

The Death Of Sapphire. The best storyline I’ve seen in wrestling this year was undoubtedly Chikara’s story of The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger. I kind of got parts of this spoiled for me because I watch lots of Chuck Taylor videos (The Swamp Monster was very very sad). Mr. Touchdown is the most awful person. I can’t wait to hear what The Marshall has to say about Under The Hood (Chikara‘s Season Finale). I felt a little let down except for The Stranger. It seemed like the storylines weren’t coming to a conclusion like I thought they would.

The Antonio Cesaro Push. HELL YES!!! This has been one of my favorite things on WWE programming. He gave Ryback his two best matches he has ever had. Even with one of them being a count out. Cesaro really is a step above almost everyone else. He really does make whoever he’s facing look more legit and gets himself over at the same time.

Ziggles and Company. I do like the fact that we’re getting a weird motley crew of a stable. I do like the fact that they fixed the RyBLACK problem with making Big E a Batista style enforcer. I like AJ being a heel. I don’t like that this seemed so random. NXT is my second favorite WWE (well maybe tied with Main Event) and I’m confused that both Rollins and RyBLACK are faces on NXT. I know NXT is taped two months out, but this is like the main problem I have with editorial in Comic Books. We all work at the same company, probably in the same building, but we don’t discuss anything so it will make sense to readers. Does this mean Kassius Ohno will be a face when he gets called up. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper will probably end up being watered down Festus.

Cody Rhoades is now more dashing than ever. Nuff’ Said.

Cibernetico Rises. I actually watched this a few weeks ago. I really liked this. It got me sooooo pumped for Under The Hood. Gotta love Tim Donst. Then I realized I’m still not a Eddie Kingston mark. Cabana for Grand Champion! Loved that it was ROH vs. Chikara. Nice way to give the rub to 3.0 (slowly becoming one of my favorite teams because they seem so random) with them eliminating the Briscoes. Oh and Kevin Steen and the Young Bucks’ promo about this event was hilarious.

The Return Of Ric Flair. How about it? I hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s day by kinda spoiling this weeks ago here on the blog. I had no idea when this was happening, but Flair had recently said “I can’t wait to get back to work.” PLEASE make him a manager. Pretty please! This man needs wrestling and he needs to be used. I don’t even care who you put him with. Put him with Kofi and I’ll probably suddenly become a huge Kofi mark. Kofi can probably jump as high as Space Mountain.

Currently watching Bo Dallas attempt Sliced Bread #2 on The Big Show. HA!

Generico vs. Steen: Ladder War IV. Crazy brutal ladder match. Totally on par with the rest of their feud. Generico really is one of the best in the world. Ole!

Okay….I think I’m done. It’s now a few days later and Christmas Eve. I haven’t watched wrestling since Thursday. I’m currently waiting for the new Raw….even though it was filmed last week…so I’m sure nothing cool happened. Let’s figure out when we’re doing the marathon. Give Rusty a back rub so he isn’t so stressed out. Poncho Out.

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