December 25, 2012


I still can't decide if I loved this...or this was the worst break of Kayfabe I've ever seen. Maybe a little of both. It made the whole episode feel Twin Peaks weird...

What did you guys think?

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  1. I liked it. But the next thing that happened on Raw- Santa getting hit by Del Rio's car, and having it played straight by Michael Cole and ADR and Roberto, then Booker T being like "I ain't gonna lie y'all, but it don't look good for Sanda Claus dog" was all AWESOME and it was among my favorite segments all year. I liked how it was all goofy, and kid-friendly and fun. I also liked the Cena-ADR match with the present-weapons. That's real out-of-the-box thinking, har har har.

    Sorry I've been AWOL, I'm very much out of my regular routine, though I've been mostly keeping up with things. I'm behind on Chikara, and need to watch Final Battle to be up on ROH, but I'm pretty much up on WWE.

    I'll make sure not to be behind on anything by late January so that we can talk about all the latest wrestling while we watch the Rumble together, which we gonna do, right?