December 22, 2012

WWE TLC 2012

Well, life has been pretty shitty around here lately. With the collapse of the foundation and the usual stress from the holidays things have been rough. And for some reason when things get rough for me the last thing i want to do is watch wrestling. Wrestling, to me, is a way to relax and escape. When I'm too nervous or upset i cant get in the mood to watch wrestling. I dunno why. I just only want to watch it when I can let myself really get into it. So I missed TLC and the Slammys due to LIFE. But It;s sunny out today, I took the day off (even tho we are looking forward to at least 15 grand in repairs) and I plan on catching up on wrestling. Even if it means I gotta skim some matches. So without further ado. WWE TLC 2012 I always get creeped out with bell salutes. This one was so sad. I am glad they did it tho. I think it shows respect that they acknowledge real life RRHODES SCHOLARS VS MYSTERIO SIN CARA I skipped this one. I'm sure it was great but I gotta get to the important story stuff. US CHAMP MATCH shipped DOLPH ZIGGLER PROMO Man. another great promo from Dolph. I feel like he just needs a few tweaks to his personality and he could be huge. The show off thing is not working. I feel like he could be a cocky face and get over more. MIZ TV I was going to skip this because I think Miz TV totally sucks bad. But when he brought out the 3mb i was hooked. What a horrible group! I love them. And Im glad I watched the whole segment because I got to see Del Rio turn face, which I think is great and weird. WADE VS KOFI Skipped THE SHIELD VS RYBACK< KANE< DBD AWESOME! What a mess! I think everyone looked great and this had lots of brutal spots. And thank god the shield won. I was worried about that. DIVA MATCH skipped BIG SHOW VS SHAEMUS SKIPPPPPEEEEEDDDDDDD 3MB VS MIZ ADR BRAWLER This was fun even tho it was stupid and a waste of the ADR face turn. Plus miz still sucks bad and hard. I had a feeling we would see the Brawler on this show so that was cool. For reasons unknown i really liked him when i was a kid and had no idea he was a jobber. CENA VS DOLPH This is a weird throw away ppv. It has had some cool moments but jeez. Strange main event. I really wish they only did 4 to 6 a year. That would make them so much more exciting. Holy cow! Great match! I loved it. Cena, for being stupid and dumb, can work if he is wrestling people who can wrestle. Man, great match. And the end was what I wanted out of the final minutes of a PPV. Good twist! And I think Zigglers stock jumped a notch tonight. He may finally be on his way. I hope so anyway. IN FINAL> I likes some of the ppv. But it's hard to care a whole lot when the rumble is a month away TILL NEST TIME!!!!

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