October 11, 2012

Rusty Report

Hey fellas. Rusty here. I have been layin in bed for the past 30 something ours sick as a dog. I dunno what hit me but it hit me hard. I was too sick to type. So here I am today, not throwing up. Able to eat. Ready to type a billion words. 

Yeah, type. I think my recorder is dead. It sounds all swirly and weird. I am going to look into getting a new one sometime soon. Till then we will be typing like in the old email days of SCW. 

And remember how i talked about having a new format to my show? Well I take notes with a few categories so i can keep things clean and in order. Well, i dunno how it will translate in text but ill type it up that way anyway. 

Ok here we go


The commentary is great with JR, Cole and the other guy. I like how serious it is. You could say that it has been better since Lawler has been gone but I think it's more that Cole is not a fucking idiot anymore. And commentary can ruin a great show. So it has been great lately that they have taken things seriously.

This episode had some great matches. I thought Shaemus and Barrett was great. I completely freaked out for Punk and Vince. I thought it was awesome. Sure, Vince is 67 and not a wrestler but who cares. I was having a great time watching that match.

I am 100 percent sold on Rhodes Scholars. That is a great tag team.I really hope they make it to the finals. My guess is that Mysterio and Sin Cara will win and whocares whatever. Rhodes Scholars have a reason that they are a team. Sin Cara and Mysterio both wear masks, not good enough. Whatever, Rhodes Scholars are awesome.

"The Encore"! I think that;s what they call themselves. It's Drew Macentire, Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater. I LOVE this. It's three guys who don't fit at all who come out and beat up people and then air guitar. It cant get better than that. Drew Macentire even headbangs which is the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my life. I really hope they get more tv time.

And finally. Paul Haymen is awesome.


The segment with little jimmy and the dance party was stupid. I hate that crap. I know that kids watch it but kids are not stupid. I hope they ditch little jimmy and make the funkasaurus a heal soon.

The Primetime Players lose AGAIN. I think they are a good tag team. Lame.

The whole thing with Larry King made me want to jump off a bridge. It was horrible. I hate watching celebs "act" when they are on a wwe show. It sucked. And then Kofi came out and I had some hope. I wouldn't mind a Miz Kofi feud. But it didn't make any sence why Kofi would attack Miz. It was all stupid.

Arnold as social media ambassador? Stupid.. He said at one point something like "I DEFINITELY will be back for that." Which is the dumbest thing ever said in history.


This Ryback push. Can it work? The guy just got shot to the main event and hasn't said more than 3 words at a time.  I really liked Ryback until he ruined the Vince and Punk match. And instantly i turned on the guy. But that's just me. I wonder if he can hang in the main event picture after Cena comes back. Or will he be dropped like Tensi and Swagger and a million others.

I have probably said this before but Sin Cara's Titontron is the worst thing ever. it looks like public access 1990. It cracks me up every time i see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdAMw0HJjQ4

Not all things in the ugly section are bad. Antonio Cisaro's uppercut is super ugly. An actual finisher that comes quick and looks like it hurts. I love it.

PUNK and Vince won big time on this show. The match was great. The highlight was when Punk put on the headset and yelled "WHAT A MANEUVER!" mocking 80's vince. 

I guess the only loser this week is Wade Barrett for having a unimpressive return to the WWE. He was higher on the card before he left than when he came back. Its sad. I found him a credible bad guy with the Nexus.

And one last thing


Thats all for me suckas. RUSTY OUT!


  1. Yeah, I'm completely on board with most of that. The only opinion I have that differs is that it was worth the whole Larry King segment to see Kofi rip off his shirt and tie and jump on Miz from the stage. It was silly and awesome, I love it when wrestlers rip off their shirts and hot dog like that. I would much rather see the IC title on Kofi, so that's a feud I'm totally behind.

    Also, I think that Rhodes Scholars will go to the finals vs. Hell No. Hell No seem to be becoming good guys, and the Scholars are the perfect foil for them. I agree that ReySin doesn't really work for some reason. Maybe they just needed an 8th team for the tournament.

    Paul Heyman=awesome, yes! Totally agree. Here's a cool interview I watched with him this week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9b03OM0SMg

    Oh, and Ryback-- I don't think its WWE's real intention to be giving Ryback a full-fledged 'push' at this point, it's just that they've got to establish him like that in case Cena doesn't heal in time for HiaC. My guess is that's why they keep postponing the final decision of who Punk's opponent will be; they don't even know yet. It'll be Cena if he's healed in time, and Ryback if he doesn't. Once HiaC is over, Ryback might be a little higher on the card for a while, but not in PPV main events. Of course, that's all speculation.

    I feel like I plateaued with the MMS and have been losing motivation to make it. Also, the amount of TV that WWE is producing is frustrating to keep up with, especially when I start falling behind on the Indies. That didn't stop me from checking out the new CM Punk DVD though. Spoiler alert: It's cool!

    Enough about me, back to you- I like the new format a lot! It works great. Now during Raw I'll be guessing what will be going into each of your categories.

      My favorite part was when Vince said "Now I'm gonna teach you something about respect" and DIVE BOMBED PUNK OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Also the kendo stick shots looked pretty stiff, that was like woah!! Man, I don't like every decision Vince McMahon makes, but one thing's for sure: that man LOVES pro wrestling!

  2. The Punk vs McMahon match WAS really good. "What a maneuver" was CLASSIC!

    I must say I enjoyed the Larry King/DBD encounter because they talked about how Letterman said he looked like an owl. That was one of my favorite running bits on Letterman for awhile (this coming from a guy that from 1994 to 2000 taped/watched every episode of the Late Show).

    I think WWE is in scramble mode to try and make some new main event guys. The Corn Fed Colossus needs to be able to cut a promo. Imagine a really intense promo ending with "Feed Me More....Snarl." I'd like it...but I like Warrior promos. The old Skipster needs a big win over the likes of maybe Lesnar? Heyman's other guy? Hmmm Hmmm.
    Dolph is over with some audiences and looks floundering to others. Dolph is like Mr. Perfect...does he really need the title!? I'd personally like a Cody Rhodes push first.

    Wade Barrett is boring. He's snoody Randy Orton to me. Kassius Ohno is doing the same gimmick better already.

    Oh...and Reysin (Get it!? Raisin...hehe)....have them lose in the finals by ReyRey messing up and Sin Cara getting mad...let's get this feud pumping.

    Okay...those are my random thoughts regarding your random thoughts. WOOOO!