October 13, 2012

Poncho Man Mat Classic

 Been off the map for a few days...I just started watching Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. From the very beginning. As in I'm working on every show they've ever done (about a 100 or so). I'm actually fast forwarding through a lot of it because it's not the greatest...but a good AJ Styles vs Frankie Kazarian match headlined the first show. So I'll have a review of the first year in a week or so probably.

In the mean time....I randomly found this on the internets. Now the CM Punk dvd tells us these guys have wrestled hundreds of times...and this probably isn't one of their best matches...but I really enjoyed it. I think mostly for the very straight commentary that puts them over very very well. And it's introduced by a big breasted blonde British babe. Bonjour Boys!


1 comment:

  1. Admirable! I've gotten the past few PWG shows but haven't watched them yet. Same with DGUSA. I'm really looking forward to hearing about any highlights you'd recommend seeing from earlier PWG shows, I'd definitely check them out.

    One thing I can recommend that I've been watching lately is the G1 Climax from 1994 (NJPW). There are two blocks of eight guys, and within each block every guy wrestles every other guy, and then the top guy from each block face each other in the final match. It amounts to about 6 hours of short but really good, stiff matches, followed by the final, which is at least a half hour long (haven't gotten that far yet). With Fujinami, Fujiwara, Choshu, Chono, Muta, and more badass Japanese dudes in the mix, the action is pretty awesome.