August 11, 2011


Man, it kinda was a weird week in wrestling. For me anyway. Kinda a bummer too. Last week was so great i was really looking forward to Raw and Smackdown. Once i got to watch the shows i was a little bummed. So this week im going to just type up my podcast. Keep it short and do a big SUMMERSLAM podcast in a few days

WINNERS - ME for getting to see a DBD and Tyson kid match. ME for getting a Rock Slurpee and a Roddy Piper Big Gulp.

Losers - MY TORRENT OF SMACKDOWN for being super jumpy and having audio that was off.

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK - The contract signing. Can you believe that? A contract signing was my favorite moment of the week!

Only a few days till SUMMERSLAM. I cant wait. Till then, with Slurpee in hand, i am Rusty Nickles

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