August 23, 2011

Marshall Matters 8 23 11

I entered a contest that Dolph Ziggler held on Twitter this week. The contest was to make a funny picture of him, because (as he wrote) "Finding a bad picture of myself is nearly impossible". I didn't win. Somebody that made him look like Smurfette did, and the prize is that he'll use the picture as his Twitter profile pic for a week or month or something. This was my entry:

I still think it's kinda funny. I haven't made an icon for the MMS yet... actually I did but it looks like a shitty album cover from 1998, and I won't be using it... but I did make what's called a favicon for this website, it should appear in the url window of your browser, as well as the icon next to the bookmark for the site, if you have it bookmarked. Here's a larger version:

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