August 25, 2011

How Regal Rules

I was looking across some list of in-ring shoots today, and one stood out in particular. "Lord Steven Regal turns squash match with Goldberg into wrestling match." I probably watched this live on TV- it was the era of WCW that I was really into. Goldberg was riding a wave of popularity, he was racking up the numbers of his undefeated streak, but hadn't entered the main event picture yet. He'd come out every Nitro to great fanfare and squash one of the mid-carders. The match would typically take up less time than his entrance. He was over with my brother and a billion other people like magic. I wasn't a fan of his, I always just liked the wrestling and the promos, neither of which he did very often. Apparently Regal wasn't a fan any more than I was, wasn't going to go down like a chump, and forced Goldberg to have a wrestling match with him, which Goldberg complied to with surprising capability. I'm tempted to do a play by play of this match, because there are so many great little moments, but I don't want to lessen your enjoyment of simply watching it.

Suffice to say, he left WCW shortly thereafter and debuted on Raw using this gimmick:

His manly time with WWF was short, as he was having some personal issues. He checked himself into rehab, and his next TV appearance was back with WCW. That lasted less than a year, and he went right back to WWF. This time it wasn't long before he had his rightful place on the show with regards to how much screen time he got. I couldn't find a video from this era as awesome as the Goldberg match, but in an effort to have a well rounded mini-bio, here's a good one.

I'll be looking forward to someday finding a youtube video of highlights from Regal's commentary, which is the phase of his career which he's only recently begun. One highlight that I can think of off the top of my head is when he said that JTG stands for "Jimmy The Gimmick".

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  1. That "Man" gimmick was so bad. I cant believe some of the stuff they make these guys do. Plus he never finishes his project in that video and it really bothers me. I just wanted to see what he was going to make.

    Thanks for this little bio. I really liked hearing more about ol Steve.