July 12, 2011

New The Marshall Matters Show

Giving voice to the voiceless, it's this weeks edition of the Marshall Matters Show.


Listening back to it, I think my impression of Nicholson doing Palance is actually more of a straight Palance. Ah, well.

Can't wait to hear your impressions of Raw this week, and your expectations for Money in the Bank. Myself, I'm STOKED!!!!!!

Til next time,
Quarter Marshall

ps. check this out- a big ol Nexus light above the ring...

how does that make you feel, Yoshi Tatsu?



  1. I briefly mentioned Gen Me in this podcast, but if I had been up to date on my wrestling info, I would have added that their Destination X match against Eric Young and Shark Boy was to be their final match with TNA. Bye bye boys.

  2. What was the deal with that nexus light? I hope the fuckin nexus leaves for good. HAIL PUNK!!!