July 02, 2011


Dear Peeps,
With all the massive SGD* on Raw, I thought I might like to do a separate episode of Marshall Matters to give due time to this Monday on a special CM Punk show. Rusty, I don't know if that was your line of thinking as well, but whatever the case, it may actually not be necessary for either of us to do a program about Raw this week.
At a point in this show, I reference a bitchalicious moment Randy Orton had on Smackdown a month or two ago. This is it:

This (I found it while post-pro-ing the show) is for you also:

Oh, and this is the 7-1-11 Marshall Matters Show= http://www.mediafire.com/?ttms0ob7r2a8zcb

Quarter Marshall

*SGD= shit going down

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