July 19, 2011


It is a real pleasure to be reporting on this weeks PPV and subsequent Raw. I think I want to move to Chicago.

I never got around to talking about the allusions to the Montreal Screwjob. The commentators were talking about it during the MitB main event, there was that feeling of deja vu when McMahon sent John L. over to ring the bell prematurely, and Cena even talked about it at length during his promo on Raw. I'm not sure it's ever been addressed so openly, and I found all of it fascinating.
Back when the Screwjob happened, McMahon did a taped interview for Raw in which he broke kayfabe and said that Bret didn't want to give up the belt on his way out, and that "in this business" that's something you just don't do, and that when you decide to move on, it's appropriate and respectful to show appreciation for the promotion by helping get another guy over. The way Cena was spinning it on Raw didn't put any heat on Bret at all, and even if both points of view were manufactured by the same company to meet their need at the time, it's still interesting to think about the most infamous moment in pro wrestling history from a variety of perspectives.


  1. All the open talk about the screwjob, as well as bring WWE history into the cena/punk match has made everything feel so real. A realism that has been missing for a long time. Also seeing Vince cry when he was fired put it over the top. I gasped and almost lost it myself. Say what you will about ol vinny, that guy is a fucking pro.

    My show is on the way, as well as a possible column by the lovely Nightmaren. Frax is doing an interpretive dance in the yard based on Randy Ortons mic skills. Im going to have to get a bag and clean it up after she is done.

  2. lol! That's funny.
    I've got a graphic for a Girlfriends Section that I can put up. Alice is working on something herself, plus trying to come up with her wrestling name.