June 17, 2016

The Biggest Money In The Bank Preview Ever?

Coming to you from beautiful Ashland, Oregon is my new preview. I wrote that first sentence and then took a nap. It was hard work. Last night I sat in the rain for hours while watching The Wiz. The play was great, the rain not so much.

I think Best Of The Super Juniors was fun. I wish I had made bracket thingies like we do for G1. Might have added drama? Taguchi was a surprise. I've skipped everything but the finals the last few years...so I broke my "every damn match" cherry.

It's a day later. I went for a long walk away from my folks house and found a weird off the beaten path brewery and I'm enjoying a beer and blogging.

The Lucha Dragons vs The Dudley Boyz
Ummmm...okay? Did this get booked on Superstars? I'm sad the Kalisto experiment hasn't worked (I'd argue having your US Champ lose and hang out with a lose would cause that). He really needs a ppv match where he can be Samuray Del Sol and steal the show.

The Golden Truth vs Breezango
They should be called The Narcissists. I'm really glad that The Marshall is enjoying this stuff. I feel like he might have hated this if I just described it. Oh yeah...these two matches are preshow.

Apollo Crews vs Sheamus
Big question here is....does Sheamus job? I can't see this lasting long. Apollo still needs a character. Step up from the originally announced preshow...along with 3rd ppv in a row match.....

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler
End Of Days. I completely forgot what I had to say about little Nick last month. Maybe this will be a Nick win and they'll go for another 4 months.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Natalya and Becky Lynch
Anybody watch the match on RAW? Ryan and I lost it laughing at Becky bringing up Two Paws just to make a "bring out my claws joke." We were sold. Oh yeah...and Paige won that match? Weird booking.

Rusev (c) (with Lana) vs. Titus O'Neil
This is going to be such a pleasure for Mister O'Neil. He will be loving his job and the aroma of this match. It's his lucky day to job to the Sexiest.

The New Day (Big Eand Kofi Kingston) (c) (with Xavier Woods) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs.Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillains (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)
On paper this ppv is sounding awesome.....buy it's also sounding a little over booked. So...do The Club win now or later? Get the feeling the outcome has to do with a match happening elsewhere in the show?

John Cena vs AJ Styles
Nervous. Cena hasn't wrestled in awhile...and he's not facing Randy Orton. I hope it's good...and I hope Cena is starting his "Shawn Michaels 2000s" part of his career. But then....AJ is 38. But AJ really NEEDS a win. 

Sami Zayn vs. Cesarovs. Chris Jericho vs.Dean Ambrose vs.Kevin Owens vs.Alberto Del Rio
Well, well, well. This just sounds pretty, pretty, pretty good. My little chubster #1 draft pick sure would look good with a briefcase. The Poncho Man's TV show needs that intrigue. I actually thought your Jericho prediction was interesting....but I wouldn't be surprised if they just gave it to Del Rio....Or a returning cult leader? Maybe? 

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Wouldn't it be funny if Roman just lost clean in the middle and Seth suddenly became a big star? His promos may not be the most natural, but he controls a crowd so well. Essentially doing baby face promos that get him booed. He's the first guy to really do it properly against heel hero Roman. Hopefully Dean doesn't win the briefcase...he really doesn't deserve it. 

Watched Slamiversary. Technically it was probably an above average wrestling show. Personally...I couldn't handle Josh Matthews and was playing on my phone mimicking that fucker the whole time. He's horrible. The fucking worst. Brother Nero was pretty nuts. Braxton Miller? Was the worst. I literally paused the main event to win 25 dollars doing metal trivia online. Shit was bad. 

Watched an adaptation of Great Expectations at the Shakespeare Festival today. I thought it was interesting. I felt like it needed to be a little less artsy and a little more BBC. But that's maybe just me?

Enjoy the show guys. I feel like I had more to say....but I drank a couple beers. If I think of anything else...I'll text you. Wooooo.

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  1. I am very curious to see what'll happen tonight. With the MitB match, the even money's on Ambrose, but it's easy to see Owens, maybe Jericho, or even Zayn with the briefcase. Cesaro's more of a longshot in my opinion, and Del Rio's a contender, but having won it once already I think makes him the least likely. I think the crowd would pop huge for five out of the six guys, I'd be happy with four of them. Not bad odds. Actually, I take that back, I'd be happy with anyone but Del Rio, because if Dean wins he'll (supposedly) cash it in same night. I could see something going down where he wasn't able to compete again, but a prolonged Shield 3-way feud might not be so bad. I agree with you though, that Ambrose isn't at that level.

    Regardless of the finish, it should be a killer MitB match.

    Did you hear that Tanahashi said that AJ Styles is the best wrestler of all time? I just saw a pic of it, it looked like it came from an AXS interview. You're spot on that AJ needs this one, and I have to assume he'll get it. I hope Cena really is back to 100%, so we can get the "open challenge" style and not the "superman". I am a bigger mark for AJ than I am for anybody else. If Cena takes a Styles Clash I will lose my mind.

    I like your take on Rollins. I expect Reigns to walk away tall, but woe be the day when he runs out of superior talents to put him over. I do like his new persona, I actually think he's been a great champ, but y'know, he's no Rollins or AJ.

    I'm more excited for Apollo vs Sheamus than the other matches, including the match The Emo Club will win. (I just hate their entrance music.) Sheamus has been good on TV, with a believable mean streak, and Crews has struggled to shine past his Gee-Shucks-I'm-A-Good-Guy to show that he can kick ass and chew bubble gum at the same time, so to speak. This is the back-and-forth I want to see for the next couple months, NOT Ziggler/Corbin, which was weak from the get-go.

    There should be plenty for me to run my mouth about on Tuesday morning, especially if the fallout on Raw involves NXT guys coming up, or past wrestlers returning in anticipation of the brand split. I guess that probably won't start shaping up quite yet, but who knows. Hopefully I'll have the time to watch Dominion soon. Tonight might be a late one...