June 29, 2016

Small meandering thoughts on The Club

So last week I was thinking about The Club. I told Dave that I really enjoyed the apology promo. While I totally agree that Gallows and Anderson haven't really been legitimized,  (I would guess we won't see that for quite awhile....Anderson isn't home grown) does it really matter? I don't wanna get too smarky, but Meltzer reported that AJ was meant to be Tito Santana, but the crowd (and his work) made him 2000s Shawn Michaels (a super over jobber that can main event or upper mid card anytime they want....and there might be a better analogy here WWE Steamboat?, WCW Lex Luger?, I don't know). 

Anyway, the association with AJ is what is keeping Gallows and Anderson near the top (obviously). There was no way Vince would push something he didn't create as anything other than cowards. But I'm not worried for them at all. 

My thought is that "The Club" is more Bullet Club than the Bullet Club is. The Japanese/ROH version  (while still entertaining) is incredibly silly now. Omega is over the top (btw.....4.75 for the Ladder Match? Nuts), and The Bucks and Cole do their silliness too. But AJ, Anderson, and Gallows are getting to actually cut promos that are so smarmy and sarcastic that I just imagine Nash and Hall giving them lessons. It's like the characters they were playing in Japan are becoming even more realized in my eyes, because they are cutting these fantastic promos every week. And all the backstage "ski" promos....classic. 

I just think that the more they stay on TV and get these moments, they'll continue to get over and continue to prove what they can do as characters, and that's when Vince will "legitimize" them. 

Hope that all made sense and I'm not pointing out the obvious. I'm watching some more Best In The World and eating some borscht that I made, and writing this. Multitasking! Is this weekend UFC 200? I uhhhhh...want to watch it. 

Stoked for G1. Not to be negative but I was hoping for Roderick Strong and Minoru Suzuki....but alas. Apparently the Internet thinks Marufuji is "overrated" or at least not as good lately. 

Did you know that MOOSE wrote his own theme song?

Thanks for the good thoughts. Shit was stressful, and now it's just a bummer. Hopefully I'm gaining cosmic points in the Iron Man Match that is life so I can make my boyhood dream come true and what not. No more screw jobs. 

Sounds like you both have adventures in the coming weeks. Be safe and have good journeys. Poncho Out. 

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