February 16, 2016

Rusty report: smackdown update

My dudes. I miss you guys. We three got friends lots of friends. But I feel like the SCW dudes got a special connection. I think about things to tell you guys all the time. And while i'm watching wrestling i am wishing you guys were with me. Mushy huh? Who cares. I think y'all are awesome and I wish we could hang more.

That all sounds like im sad or something. I'm not actually. I just had a crazy week. Tuesday was smackdown. I was really excited to see the New Day Most of all. AJ also. I was just really excited for some live wrestling. Sadly the New Day didnt show at all. Not sure why. They are hot right now. But the show was still good. Thoughts.....

I really like the way they are using AJ with Jericho. It is cool to see them wrestle each other and also have to team up. It is great to see them clean house and then have to fight. They are really telling a story for once. Also it is awesome to see the use of my favorite jobbers . #socialoutcasts RUUUUUULE.

The Dudleys come out and denounce tables. Thank god they are heels now. But barf, they are against the Uso's now. I Hate the Uso's so much man. How fucking Boring. And I cant tell them apart and I dont give a shit to even try. As if one john cena wasn't bad enough now we got two clones gone wrong boring who cares.

Next up Goldust tries to get R Truth to tag with him. This is the greatest idea in wrestling history and I want it to happen so bad.

Sasha Banks comes out next to fight boring Becky Steampunk Lynch. Banks is super over and the audience loves her. I do too. She is my future wife (along with Rene Young)

Then we get Promos from Aj as well as the Wyatt guys. I dunno why but i feel like the Wyatts kinda fell off and lost momentum. Who knows. Still like them tho.

My computer keeps fucking up. Click above for what I typed before it fucking crashed.

Anyway. AJ and Jeicho ruled hard. I was a little sad to not see the new day but oh well. It was a show to remember for sure.

Ill post again tomorrow. I got pizza delivery on the way and a dog show to watch. Adios dorks!


  1. Hope I didn't fuck up your connection by posting while you were typing. Thanks for the live notes and I LOVE WATCHING WRESTLING WITH YOU GUYS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so badly. Did you have a second sign that said Shockmaster, or did you write Shockmaster backwards on the other side of the SCW sign?

  2. Yeah I wrote Shockmaster on the back of my sign. You can see me on tv. Actually you can just see the pink square in the far corner of the TV. Sadly you can't read what it says.