January 20, 2016

My show is back. Way better than RAW this week.

So during John Cena's United States Championship Open Challenge vs Stardust...Nick Nemith was offering Nicole babies and marriage. Nicole slapped him.

Saraya still hasn't told her boyfriend that she doesn't want to be engaged, but she's in Japan, so she went to a cat cafe.

Bryan made watermelon jelly with watermelons from the garden.

Nick Nemith is incredibly good at being sarcastic about John Cena. He says that "he's manly, lifts heavy things, and says inspirational things....so those are great reasons to be with somebody....but it sounds like a 13 year olds' Instagram account."

Brianna wants to find things for Bryan to do, but he says he thinks about wrestling when gardening.

Saraya's mom found out she's engaged off TV apparently. This leads her to telling her boyfriend Kevin she doesn't want to be engaged. Her boyfriend has a really stupid Stevie Ray Vaughan tattoo on his forearm.

Nicole tells John about Nick's marriage and babies proposal. He tells her that he isn't going to challenge him to a duel with a white glove. Nicole is mildly disappointed he isn't furious.

Just thought you guys should know.

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