January 11, 2016

MMS: Too Sweet Rumor: Is it Reeeeeal?

Hop in for the drive to town of a lifetime... yeah you know podcasts are great for commuters, but did you know commuting is also a great time to record a podcast of one's own?  Cuz who's got the time, am I right?


  1. I heard he was stripped of the title last night at like 2....after watching RAW and my new favorite movie Russell Madness. I decided not to text immediately.

    As of right now...I'm extremely nervous. I keep having a feeling that Samoa Joe is never leaving NXT due to not changing his name. Who knows what the deals are!? Meltzer is reporting that the Styles/Nakamura deals are not "NXT money" deals. But who was the last guy who didn't go through developmental? Sting. Before that?

    KENTA is the guy I keep thinking about....Hideo Itami isn't the guy who has 5 star matches. He's a guy who quickly got his spot eaten by an average Uhaa Nation.

    Maybe I'm just down on it because the product is worse than it was when you guys quit caring. Hopefully this influx of amazing talent and maybe the return of our only hope....wrestling's Obi-Wan Kenobi...that old legend that lives in the desert (of Arizona) using the Force on his oranges (see Instagram) can change this.

    Btw...I'm scared for NJPW. Alot of people will be giving up their NJ WORLD accounts when they can see the King Of Strong Style for free every week. And the only thing good about Omega fronting Bullet Club is that with him and Fale at the top...they're now a group I hate because I actually hate them.

    Wow...so much negativity. Sorry. I should be happy because Russell Madness was an amazingly fun movie that had a talking monkey and was basically made for the small audience that is The Poncho Man.

  2. I have the same concerns, but think about this:

    AJ and Nakamura are too good to not be awesome, regardless of how they're booked by WWE. It would be disappointing for them not to reach their full potential with the company, but they're probably eager themselves to try.

    NJPW might lose some fickle fans, but they also might gain fans with Nakamura being on the big stage. I became a fan of ROH because DBD was awesome on NXT. I'd be surprised if Liger didn't go into the HOF this year too, more eyes on Japanese wrestling. Also, Jado and Gedo are great bookers. They've got a hell of a curveball here, but if anybody can hit a homer with it, they're the ones.

    Speaking of looking on the bright side, I remember a few years ago when Samurai Del Sol was the Poncho Man's fave indy dude. Now he's in the Harley Race club!

  3. OMG just heard Tama Tonga quit. Nevermind, NJPW is toast.