April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning...Poncho Man style.

Hi guys,

I still miss you.

Wrestlemania Thoughts...
So, I don't think I've been as overly pleased about Wrestlemania in years. It was actually a great show...I wasn't disappointed....nothing was unbearable.....I didn't feel like shit was getting shoved down my throat

I'll set the scene....at 3:30, the lady and I had just gotten to her house and she wanted to go outside...so I said "sure...but I'm bringing my computer." A slight sigh came out of her mouth and I immediately said "hey, I warned you months ago what I was doing today." Quickly realized I could just set my laptop on a table outside and just sit on the front deck, drink beer, smoke cigarettes, eat Samoas, and Cracker Jacks. The lady would come over and watch bits when she was taking a break from weeding. My buddy decided to join us about 2 hours in, and he was stoked even though he hadn't really watched wrestling in years. During the main event, the lady posted on facebook..."I can't believe I'm actually getting into wrestling....go Daniel Bryan!"

The Streak: Totally shocked. I basically missed it by looking away for a second. General public has been asking me why....I just blankly say "you go out on your back." It didn't really upset me though.

So yeah, no real amazing matches, and nothing to be really upset about. Some shocks, and a happy ending.

RAW: I think Rusty asked me why RAW can't always be this fun. The Heyman promo was great. PAIGE! The Bo promos were great, even though I'm not a fan. The Wyatts vs. The Faces was really good. Adam Rose is already annoying. I liked the Kraven gimmick more. Wouldn't doubt they bring Corey Graves up fast to replace a certain someone.

The Daniel Bryan special on the Network was awesome!

And finally...

I was sitting at the bar the other night and I check facebook...and I thought Mister Ooh-La-La was making some existential comment on the character of the Ultimate Warrior being dead. Then I read that Warrior was dead. Jim Hellwig. It was so surreal. I guess it was all just too much excitement this last weekend. I wrote thoughts on Facebook. He was a bigot asshole, and spent the weekend basically excusing himself for being an asshole. Then he died. I'm super sad that the character doesn't exist...but at least I have that WARRIOR #1 to read over and over again.

Okay, those are my random thoughts. Thought I'd just keep the content coming...

Poncho Out.

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