February 24, 2014

Marshall's Little EC Review

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Pretty much everything I was skeptical about turned out good, and there was a ton of awesome wrestling.  Shield/Wyatts was DOPE.  It was an epic, I thought it was fantastically paced and executed.  Everybody involved was really really cool, and everybody had at least one memorable moment.  Match of the night.

Batista got roundly booed and also injured.  2 points for the home team.  I know that's mean and wrong, but fuck it, I'm a just a mark.  What're you gonna do Batista, boo me?  Fucking dick.

The chamber match was really fun, it had some cool spots but wasn't too spotty, everybody came off good, and most importantly, Orton got his heat back.  Of course, Bryan's still on fire and seems to be en route to go over big at Mania, which would be nice.

I was disappointed that the Usos didn't win, I've been wanting to see them with the belts after their great matches with the Wyatts.  I didn't watch that match though, so I don't know how badly they lost.  I also didn't watch the pre-show, or Langston-Swagger, or Oneil-Young, or the impromptu diva's match.  Still, I'm up past my bedtime, so this is me signing off.

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