July 07, 2013


Quiet around here. Almost like we all quit watching wrestling. I actually have been watching tons of wrestling, but I haven't been good about keeping notes about all the indie stuff I've been watching. Lots of ROH, some other random stuff, and I've been catching up with Evolve. When I get around to it...I'll post some Evolve thoughts in the forums. I guess I've mostly been lazy.

I had a new roommate move in a few weeks ago. He's actually a co-worker, BUT he has shown mild interest in watching some wrasslin'. So far he's high on Mick Foley and seems to be more interested in WWE than anything else (replace Mick Foley with CM Punk and it sounds like somebody around here). He's going to watch the Ric Flair Documentary on one of his box sets soon. We'll move on to Foley's and some others soon....I feel those documentaries are really good and helpful for people who have no history, and are just getting into stuff. Let me know what you guys think about "must see" stuff. We watched Taker vs Foley Hell In The Cell, Punk vs Cena Money in the Bank, and Funk vs Sabu Barbed Wire Match. Punk vs Cena was the one I could tell was hardest for him to get through.

I totally forgot to comment on the Marshall's last post, but I do agree that WWE did seem revitalized with having Punk back. I'm quite enjoying his "tweener" storyline. I honestly think his character is built to be a Attitude Era style tweener. I'm enjoying a lot of stuff. Mark Henry. Jeez. Not sold on his matches...but jeez.

Cesaro is involved in the best/worst story ever. Lately I'm just in love with the in ring work of Cesaro and Cody Rhodes. I haven't seen a bad match from either of these guys in quite awhile. Then they wrestled each other on Main Event. That was nice.

Ambrose hasn't seemed to have a really great match yet. I'm worried that he forgot how to wrestle singles.

Are THEY here yet? Go watch the Queens Of The Stone Age "Someone's In The Wolf" video.

Miz Sucks.

Am I the only person in the world that thinks the Prime Time Players are money?

Did I call it or what? Mr. Monday Night! I actually hadn't read anything about him officially coming back or even being in talks when I made that comment about him coming back at the last ppv. I guess I'd just been reading that his TNA contract was up, and that he was working indies (which he never does). I watched him wrestle Tommy Dreamer and they had a fun "last match." I think it's just time. I guess he's going to have a Chris Jericho like schedule, and hopefully he can help put some guys over. If they can come up with a good storyline I think he and Ambrose could have a great "violent" feud.

The Christian return has really worked for me. He's a pro. His presence and demeanor are very similar to Jericho's...and it's obvious Vince loves this. The kinda stilted "safe" work attitude. I don't know how to verbalize it...

By the way....Miz sucks...and he also does what I'm trying to describe. Obvious why he's still with the company. Ug.

DBD is just the best thing going right now. More on this next weekend when I do my Money In The Band Preview.

I think Kassius Ohno and Sami Zayn are going to get eaten.

Big E Langston is one of the most loveable heels I've seen in quite awhile. He's taken quite well to this business and hope he continues to bridge the gap between funny and monster....while not becoming Tensai.

I think that's my thoughts for today. Enjoy

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  1. Yeah man, too quiet! Tumbleweeds and crickets chirping... all that shit. I've been watching a lot as well, just haven't been posting as much. I think maybe the only way to do regular posts is if it's scheduled and self-disciplined. For instance, I really like your monthly pre-PPV posts.

    I'm watching Raw, NXT, and ROH on the regular. Smackdown and Main Event I kinda skip through if I watch them at all. I watch EVOLVE and DGUSA events a bit at a time. Deeply mourning Chikara.

    My favorite wrestling documentaries (for your roommate) are Memphis Heat and Wrestling with Shadows. A Matter of Pride is really good, too. As far as watchability for a non-fan goes, Memphis Heat is still really entertaining, Matter of Pride is still interesting, but Wrestling with Shadows might be too politic-heavy for a non-fan to appreciate. You've probably seen some or all of those, so whatever you think he might like.

    Mark Henry's promo from a few weeks ago was probably the best "swerve promo/surprise attack set-up" I've EVER seen! There was no way I was going to spoil it for you guys, which is why I didn't mention it in my last post, but holy shit was that awesome. I've re-watched it four or five times, and will keep re-watching it. Alice and I were holding hands on the couch, getting all choked up and everything, and when Henry hit that WSS we went absolutely bananas! Ziggler's flying elbow from the ramp was also pretty awesome. Add in the Punk/Lesnar setup, and we had a fantastic episode. Since then, it's been good, but not so explosively kick-ass.

    Not to ramble on too much, but you made some cool observations that I want to respond to.

    -Cesaro and Zeb make a hilarious team. Maybe it's cuz Cesaro's always smirking, and they're both so good at what they do. I wish Swagger had stayed gone. And I'm glad Cody is getting some recognition on this site, he's really underrated.

    -I agree that Ambrose hasn't had any "great" singles matches yet, but I thought he had some really good ones with Kofi over the US title. Ambrose out-wrassled the bejeezus out of him.

    -Miz sucks wild gorilla ass.

    -PTP have a lot more potential than they're being used for, that's for sure. I like that the Uso's have gotten more TV time, even though it's so they can put the Shield over and fade away again. Tag teams deserve a much bigger piece of the WWE pie, especially bookend tag teams.

    -RVD/Ambrose is a great idea for a program. Or, it would have been 5 years ago. We shall see.

    -I know what you mean with Christian. I agree, though I'd give Jericho a bit more credit. I might just be playing favorites, though.

    -I think Sami Zayn will be fine.

    -Totally agree with the assessment of Big E.

    One thing that's been bugging me concerning the upcoming PPV: The Raw MitB is 100% good guys, and the Smackdown MitB is 100% bad guys. How successful could they be if there's no good/bad tension within them? It's weird. Plus, unless the titles change hands at the PPV, the good guys will be competing to face Cena, and the bad guys will be competing to face Del Rio. More good v. good and bad v. bad. Does that mean both titles will definitely change hands, or will we see some more turns in the next week? Also, and I swear this is the last thing, it bothers me that the Smackdown MitB is all "up-and-coming" roster guys, except that Swagger has already won a MitB match, already been a World Champion and was very recently a #1 contender. Just cuz he sucks doesn't make him an up-and-comer. That spot should be Langston's.