July 13, 2013

Poncho Man's Money In The Bank Preview.

Two posts in one day?!?! WTF!? Gotta love it...I'll post a response to that in a bit. BUT FIRST

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages. Let me proudly present to you....The Monthly PPV Preview show....

Always one of the better PPVs of the year is Money In The Bank. We basically watch waiting for a star to be born, and then we get confused by Jack Swagger and John Cena winning. Knowing us though...we just want CM Punk to win every one of these things. We want him to win even if he's not in the match. Anyway...away we go....

The Shield vs The Usos for the Tag Titles in the Preshow
Wow. I think I care about this. What happened to The Miz? Why is he magically not on the preshow. I miss him. I hope this isn't the blow off and it's actually the beginning of a longer feud. That's probably wishful thinking. Face paint is menacing. I don't know what to really say about this. I'll watch it tomorrow.

Y2J vs Ryback
Really the best part of this is that Jericho is kinda doing a mix of old school Gene Mean, Stinko Malenko, etc Jericho and the newer short haired serious Jericho. This has been oddly booked, it seems like Jericho should win, and Ryback is in desperate need of a win. I'm confused. This makes me miss the Fandango feud.

AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Title.
I miss Mickie James. Layla turn? I don't know. I'm so confused. AJ is evil, but her friend and boyfriend are likeable. I don't know.

The Miz vs Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Title
Somebody give Curtis Axel some steroids for his pecs. It's really bugging me. Did I mention that The Miz sucks? I can't remember. It will be perfect when he loses.

Heavyweight Title Money In The Bank Match
I'm interested in this. I think the best friends might have some drama in their future. I will be happy with Cody or Cesaro winning. I doubt either of those will happen. As I said recently, I think those two are heads and shoulders above most of the guys on the roster in always having good matches with who ever, AND always being entertaining no matter what garbage they are given. I really don't know who will win though. Ambrose seems poised....but he has a title. Swagger is probably being punished back stage (Claudio and Dutch probably sit together and giggle at how milquetoast Swagger is). Sandow has been pushed lately, and he's great, but his character isn't really built to be a World Champion. Does this leave us Barrett? I really don't know, I think what I'm saying is that nobody has been  built up via storyline to seem like a frontrunner. Maybe that's why I'm so interested.

Money In the Bank All Stars
The Best Thing Going Today. I remember when Shawn Michaels was making his rise. It took quite awhile, but it was obvious for about 2 years that he was the best guy on the roster. Always entertaining, always able to make himself seem like a more credible champion than his huge friend Diesel, and always on. We keep hearing about how Ziggler is the heir apparent to the Heartbreak Kid...but I would argue that it's actually Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is so good that he could be the one that turns Cena heel. I will be shocked if he doesn't win.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler for the Heavyweight Title
Speaking of Ziggler....I guess the concussion caused him to turn into a good guy. That's weird.

John Cena vs Mark Henry for the WWE Championship
Most entertaining build for a John Cena vs a monster match I've ever seen. What did we get....one stock awful Cena promo? It was totally carried by Mark Henry. He done good. Took him long enough.

Well...those are my thoughts about the PPV. Oh...one last thought....TNA is poorly booked garbage. No matter how good/bad/mediocre/excellent/etc RVD is now that he's 42...there was no way for him to succeed there. There was no narrative for him. He was just another WWE guy coming in. In WWE he's an ECW guy that lost his home, a complete underdog to giants. I'm excited. Maybe it's because I grew up watching him and loving his bad promos and Fonzy and his Jerry Lawler feud. He may not be the same as he used to be, but jeez....he's a great choice to help build some new talent (hence my Ambrose thought) because of the history he'll have surrounding him (Heyman, Cena, Lawler, etc). That's my piece.

Okay....goodnight gracie. Enjoy the show!

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  1. "I think the best friends might have some drama in their future." Good call! Bet you didn't see Cody turning babyface, though. At least to me that came out of left field. It totally worked though, Raw in Brooklyn tonight should give Cody a heroes welcome.
    After his turn in the first MitB match, I was expecting one of the All Stars to turn bad. I predicted Orton to win, and kept expecting him to do something wicked. Turned out it was Heyman to do the dirty deed, although he was already a bad guy, and we already knew he and Punk were going to split soon anyway.
    The PPV was good, it was fun, especially the MitB matches. I also thought the world title matches were both really good.