May 23, 2013

today's NXT

One not to miss...


  1. I watched this the other day and was pretty stoked. Makes me laugh that we've seen this match, wasn't Claudio's and Sara Del Rey's last matches in Chikara with Generico? Cute.

    By the way, check out the DBD vs. Swagger match from Smackdown. The big push? Maybe!? Starting!?

  2. I loved how his entrance is the same. Also, I was surprised how good he is at making facial expressions. Maybe he always was, but we just couldn't tell.

    I was thinking the same about Bryan-Swagger. Figured Swagger would win somehow, was really happy Bryan pulled it off. Not looking forward to the impending feud with Kane, but Bryan's a main event wrestler for sure, so being solo should be good for him. Good Smackdown episode overall.

    Fuck the Miz.