November 01, 2011



  1. I guess i just wasn't in the mood for Raw this week. I was excited for it but that excitement started to dissipate after the punk vs Henry match. I gotta admit that i did like the muppets. I know a lot if the IWC smarks didn't. Sure, It has nothing to do with wrestling but who cares, lighten up. I thought it was fun. The muppets that is.

    The rest of it i found to be kinda aimless and un-organized. Like they just threw together matches that didn't mean anything just to fill time. It was kinda like a episode of Superstars with the raw roster. And that's fine, or it would be, but RAW is so horribly hyped up that it's hard to not go into it with big expectations.

    I noticed something recently. Im not positive im right but i think i might be on to something. When an episode of raw is a special episode for any way (in mexico, Muppets, a holiday) they really slack on the stories. I kinda figured that the muppets and Halloween would water down this raw, and it did.

    But i'm not trying to complain. I love wrestling. I just wasn't interested in the matchups. They felt tossed off to me. Big SHow beating ADR clean? What the hell? Actually all the champs lost today. What a bunch of crap.

    I did love seeing cena clean up over awesome truth, that was some inspired booking. So now it looks like the match with Rock and Cena vs awesome truth will last about 20 seconds with no tag. Cena will just pin whoever starts out the match.

    Yuck man. I dont get it. What happened to the writers? What happened to the show? I don't understand why they cant put on a better show week to week. They always brag about how RAW is the longest running show ever. Well, if they have so much practice running a show you would think they could do a little better job with the stories. But the problem isn't the writers. I blame it on the pro wrestling genius Vince and his cronies. The guy has an undeniable talent for the biz, that part is obvious. But the Rolling Stones did too. They did. And eventually that talent waned and the songs got worse. The stones still have a great mind for the business but that mind is lacking something they once had. I really think that the problem is the old guard not letting go of the control. It will happen someday. But until they are forced to change i cant see it happening any time soon. The attitude era only happened because they were getting beat by WCW. The rock and wrestling 80's boom was Vince trying to crush the competition and come out on top. They have no reason to change right now. Until something big threatens them we will be stuck in this era of wrestling for a while.

    But dont get me wrong again. I love wrestling. I will watch it forever or until it becomes as wacky and bad as tna.


  2. I think maybe they were figuring that most people weren't going to be watching this week due to the holiday, and that's why there wasn't any can't-miss storyline stuff. Take it from me, it takes a pretty pathetic loser to stay in on Halloween to watch a TV show.