September 21, 2011


Well my friend. I sure have been lazy lately. The old days of weekly podcasts has dwindled to a few a month at best. While you are slaving away over hours of wrestling tapes im off goofin around watching other low brow entertainment. So, to pay you back for your recent finger bleeding posts i have decided to get all old school and TYPE this mothafuckin roster blowout. Just like the old days (about 6 months ago) when we would email our thoughts on wrestling to each other.

After i make myself a cup of coffee we will start with SMACKDOWN.
SMACKDOWN is a show that i have a love hate relationship with. It was the only show i watched back in 1999/2000 for some reason. Also it was the first WWE show that i really liked when i got back into wrestling in 2009. Some people call it the B show but i dont buy that. It's a little more fun, Less serious and has a lot of my faves (i miss you Mike Knox).
Brodus Clay: Last night, because of the bad taste that NOC and RAW left in my mouth, i was dying for some clean, fun and mindless wrestling. So i downloaded Superstars and that's exactly what i got. One of the matches was Brodus Clay against some goofy looking jobber. I love wrestlers like Brodus. Big ass dudes. I really believe that no one could get over on him because he is so huge and mean looking. Sure, his ring gear is not the most flattering but who cares. He can kick ass. I would love to see him on Smackdown teaming up with Sexual Chocolate. They would be killer.
Christian: I cant decide what i think of this dude. He has put on some awesome matches lately (despite the fact that they were against RKO) but i still couldnt care less. I guess he just bugs the shit outta me with all his bitching and his super long program with RKO. I guess that makes him a good heal. Just give him a story without RKO and im in.
Cody Rhodes: I dont think they really know what to do with the Dashing one. His gimmick is super weird and he kinda doesn't fit in with a lot of the roster. I wish he could head a stable if weirdos. But for now he is in a epic battle with Son Of DiBi. Which is a snoozefest. But i gotta say that i love Cody Rhodes and he will remain a fave no matter how crappy his stories are. And thank the good lord he took the Intercontinental belt of Big Zeke, Shit!
Daniel Brian: I have a theory about Mick Foley. I think that he got over so well (other than his talent) because of his look. His physique is not that of the average wrestler. He looks more like a dude you would see at the bottle return of Safeway than a top guy in pro wrestling. I think the fans could relate to a guy like Mick. This theory carries over to DBD. Sure, he is in great shape and can out wrestle almost everyone, but he kinda looks like a normal dude. His entrance isn't as epic as HHH's or entertaining as R Truth. He just walks to the ring with his finger in the air, talks a promo and then wrestles. I love DBD, he was hired to keep people like me happy. I hope he has a long carrier in the Mid Card (not a burn, i just feel some guys need to stay a mid card guy forever. Whats wrong with that?)
Ezekiel Jackson: Oh man, so boring. I'm amazed that he hasn't been suspended yet for violating the wellness policy. So boring zzzzzzzz
The Great Khali: On the other hand, the Punjabi Playboy is pure entertainment. Yeah, he is horrible and stupid and cant wrestle for shit but i find him funny.
Heath Slater: Jesus, maybe it is the B show. Here is another lame dude. Regardless if he can wrestle or not he still comes across as being super lame. He is so southern that i cant take him seriously. And that's coming from a guy who's whole side of his family is from the deep south. This dude would fit in way better on TNA. Without the Corrrrrre or the Nexus he just seems like a midcard on superstars.
Hornswoggle: What the hell do i have to say about this guy? Nothin
The Uso's: I sure hope the WWE get it together and give the tag division a push. I think it would be good for everyone. The Uso's are unique and might just need a real chance. I like the weird intro dance they do.
Jinder Mahal: I got high hopes for this guy. We haven't seen a whole lot of action from ol Jinder yet but i hope they change that soon. After he gets thru his feud with Khali i would really like to see him develop as a singles guy. He is really unique, has a cool theme and a great finisher. I feel like a geek liking this guy so much.
Johnny Curtis: This guy just makes me feel sad. I was just glad to see him on smackdown. Ill bet he felt like his career was about to take off when he won NXT. But then they stomped him down. Bummer.
Justin Gabriel: Altho this dude has had almost exactly the same run in the wwe as the One Man Southern Rock Band I can handle him a bit more. He is less goofy. I still dont really wanna see him on TV much tho.
Kane: Here is another guy ill love forever despite the stupid stories given to him. He is still a great wrestler and you can tell has less of an ego than a lot of the other legends in the locker room. Plus i love that he is one of the last guys left with a supernatural gimmick. After he and the undertaker are gone i doubt we will any more of that old style of gimmick.Mark Henry: I find this very surprising myself but im completely sold on Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry. I believe his attitude, i believe that he can kick anyones ass, I buy it all. I love his intensity and i love his mic skills. "That is the dumbest question ever asked" has to be my favorite quote of the year. Believe it or not I'm really looking forward to more ass kicked and wig split from the WSM.
Randy Orton: Im starting to think that ill never come around on randy orton. I just cant stand the dude. He is not fun in the slightest. He can wrestle well, and thats cool, but i need a little more than that. All the wrestlers i used to hate i actually like now. RKO is the only one i still cant stand. Bummer
Sheamus: Im still amazed how fast Sheamus became a face. It feels like he just switched over night. Regardless of if he is face or heal i think Sheamus rules. He has a great look, is good on the mic and has a good gimmick. I'm hoping his feud with Cristian will be great.
Sin Cara: Sin Cara is one of those people that needs to stay in the mid card. He makes it more interesting and fun. I like his matches and the fact he cant speak english. The WWE could use more luchadors.
Muy Cara: I dont have any feelings on Muy Cara other than that i really like the double Cara story. It's a really weird idea.
Ted DiBiase: What's the deal with that guy? He doesnt really have a personality anymore. It's a bummer. I love daddy DiBi. I hope lil Ted can pull it together and do something interesting. As of right now i couldnt care less about the dude
Trent Barreta: I saw this guy on Superstars. He had cool pants.
Tyson Kidd: Would i say that this guy is in my fav 5? I dunno lemme see... I dunno. I can only think of CM Punk as being a fav. All others except for RKO are ok with me. But i guess i could put Tyson Kidd on the list. I dont see him much so im always excited when he shows up.
Undertaker: Im not even going to talk about the undertaker. All i gotta say is that i hope he retires 20-0. Undertaker is the king.
Wade Barrett: I wish ol' wade was a top guy still. I think he was a great villain for SuperCena. But now he is kinda in a weird limbo. I really hope he can pull himself back up to the top.
Yoshi Tatsu: John Cena is his friend and i cant remember the last time i saw him.
DIVAS: Other than the Divas Of Doom and Karma i couldn't care less about the divas.
So that is Smackdown. Tomorrow we move on to the A show. MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!

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